Spider-Man: Far From Home - Every Major Spoiler in the New Trailer

The new Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer just hit online and it throws a huge pipe bomb into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a major revelation about the post-snap Earth.

Unlike the first trailer, which focuses on Peter Parker heading off for a European vacation with classmates and seeing Mysterio involved in a massive battle, this one reveals some top-level spoilers about the plot and, possibly, the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel and Sony finally reveal the plot of their next collaboration, we see the aftereffects on Spider-Man of losing Tony Stark on full display, and then there's the little matter of the introduction of the Marvel Multiverse.

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Below, we take a look at every major spoiler and what it means for Spider-Man... and the MCU.

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Iron Man Is Dead, Long Live... The New Iron Man?

Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer breakdown

The first big spoiler is setting up Spider-Man as, basically, the MCU's next Iron Man. This is big, since losing Tony Stark in Avengers: Endgame was a massive blow for a franchise that not only started with him, but one that he carried on his armored shoulders for 22 films. And while it may seem odd for Marvel to put so much weight on the shoulders of character who's movie rights are co-owned by Sony, it's not a totally insane move.

While there were rumblings that Doctor Strange or Captain Marvel could be the next main character for the MCU, putting Spider-Man front and center makes more sense. He is the most popular, mainstream Marvel hero still heroing it full-time, an idea the trailer goes out of its way to drive home.

Happy Hogan tells Peter that Iron Man never would have made his ultimate sacrifice without knowing Peter would be there to carry his mantle. Add in the police asking if Spider-Man is the next Iron Man, the Iron-Spider armor still in use, Nick Fury coming to him for aid, and Peter being caught using Stark's holo-tech to design a new weapon or upgrade his suit, and it is clear this is Spider-Man's world now.

The MCU Is Yesterday's News -- Welcome To The Marvel Cinematic Multiverse

Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer breakdown

The biggest shock comes when Nick Fury calls on Spider-Man for help. Peter immediately channels his inner Tony Stark, sending the super spy to voice mail instead of answering the phone, but there's no avoiding the former director of S.H.I.E.L.D. And when he finally gets his hands on Spider-Man, he drops a major bomb.

The MCU is now a multiverse, and it was caused by one of the Infinity Gauntlet snaps.

How this happened, if it is true at all, remains unclear. Could Captain America remaining in the past have created a series of new, alternate dimensions? Did anything the heroes did while racing through time to get the Infinity Gems fracture the universe? Or was it literally created by a tear in reality when Thanos, Hulk or Iron Man snapped their respective gauntlets? Whatever happened, it was big and, apparently, expanded the MCU in a major way.

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Who Is Mysterio?

Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer breakdown

When Mysterio was first named as the film's new major addition, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, most people figured he would be the bad guy; after all, that's his role in the comics.

The first trailer cast doubt on that assumption, as Mysterio at least looked to be portraying a hero in the movie. Of course, in his first comic book appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #13, Mysterio also pretended to be a hero to fool the world, but the new trailer makes it look like he really is good guy -- or is he?

Nick Fury introduces him as Mr. Beck and reveals that Mysterio is from another Earth in the multiverse. This is interesting, because when Peter Parker and Miles Morales first met in the comics during the Spider-Men storyline, it was because Mysterio had discovered the existence of the comics' multiverse and had begun playing around in more than one dimension.

There is an interesting scene in the trailer, where Peter puts on a pair of glasses and seems shocked, followed by a quick shot of what appears to be a destroyed world. Could this be Mysterio's world and is he coming to ours in order to claim it as his own? Or is Spider-Man seeing through Mysterio's tricks thanks to some handy Starktech?

When Mysterio tells Spider-Man in the trailer that sacrifices are often needed and sometimes people have to die, it pays a strong tribute to the memories of Tony Stark. But it also has an ominous tone for fans who know about Mysterio's past with Spider-Man in the comics.

MJ Knows Peter's Secret

Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer breakdown

The final big spoiler that the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer throws at fans comes from a conversation between Peter and MJ. It seems Peter is trying to tell MJ that he likes her, but she assumes he is going to admit a major secret: That he's Spider-Man.

Does MJ really know that Peter Parker is Spider-Man? Honestly, Marvel loves to toy with fans in these trailers, and there is a good chance that this scene plays out very differently than it appears. However, if MJ does learn that Peter is Spider-Man, that throws a giant new curveball into his life -- one that would bring the characters a little more in line with their comic book counterparts, and give Peter another important confidant as his role as Spider-Man continues to expand in Phase 4.

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Opening July 2, director Jon Watts’ Spider-Man: Far From Home stars Tom Holland, Samuel L. Jackson, Zendaya, Cobie Smulders, Jon Favreau, JB Smoove, Jacob Batalon and Martin Starr, with Marisa Tomei and Jake Gyllenhaal. Avengers: Endgame is currently in theaters.

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