Spider-Man: Far From Home - Every Major Revelation in the First Trailer


Like a phoenix, Nick Fury rises from the (literal) ashes in Spider-Man: Far From Home to guide Peter's path toward becoming a proper superhero. As you'd expect from a master spy, Fury makes a surprise entrance in the trailer. We see a dart hit Ned's neck, putting him to sleep almost immediately, before Nick appears on screen. There he is, with a dart gun in hand, sitting in the shadows in the corner of the room.

Although the two have never actually met, neither of them need any introduction. Fury is well aware of Spider-Man, and Spidey, somehow, seems to recognize Fury. Of course, Nick's appearance isn't a completely mystery. We know from the synopsis released by Sony that the former director of S.H.I.E.L.D will be the one to task Pete with the daunting job of dealing with the Elementals springing up across Europe.


After it's revealed that there's more to this trip than Peter expected, we're shown glimpses of several new costumes, the first of which is a black and red Spidey suit equipped with underarm wings, which comic fans will recognize as being an adaptation of the hero's earliest costume design in the comics. But as exciting as it is seeing him glide toward London's Tower Bridge, there's more.

Later, we see him toying with a completely different suit, pitch black and equipped with several straps and belts. It's an akin to the one worn by Spider-Man Noir in the comics, but without the trench coat. There's no indication of exactly how or why Peter will end up wearing this outfit, but considering he's working with a super spy, it makes sense he might be looking to blend into the shadows a bit.



Amidst the explosions, gunfire and epic score, the trailer offers us several glimpses of massive, destructive beings, each seemingly composed entirely of one of the four elements: fire, water, earth and air. The trailer shows one of them wreaking havoc on Tower Bridge, one rising from the sand beneath an abandoned town with Fury and (presumably) Maria Hill shooting at it, another rising from the water in Venice, and finally, one setting a street ablaze.

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If we take the movie's synopsis at face value, these creatures are likely the Elementals from the comics, Hellfire, Hydron, Magnum and Zephyr, villainous extradimensional beings who crave power and dominion over Earth. However, it's probably more likely they're minions or constructs created by the sequel's true villain...

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