Marvel Legends: Who's in the Spider-Man: Far From Home Series?

Spider-Man Far From Home Marvel Legends

Now that Avengers: Endgame has come and gone, fans can finally look forward to the next release in the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe. In a few weeks, Spider-Man: Far From Home will finally hit theaters and take Peter Parker away from his usual stomping ground. His familiar New York skyscrapers are gone, now replaced by multiple European cities and a strange new partner who might not be what he seems.

As we prepare to take a trip overseas with Peter Parker, now is the perfect time to beef up your Spider-Man collection. While there's no shortage of cool Spidey collectibles out there, the latest line of Marvel Legends figures, based on Far From Home, offers not only some amazing (pun intended) figures from the movie, but also a few classic foes from the comics. Now, here's all  six figures from Hasbro's Spider-Man: Far From Home Marvel Legends line, and where you can pre-order them to make sure you don't miss out.

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Marvel Legends Spider-Man figure


Of course, there is no Spider-Man line without Spider-Man. This awesome figure depicts the wall-crawler as he will be seen in the upcoming MCU film. But what sets it apart from other figures is that it features Peter Parker's new, upgraded, black and red costume.

We don't yet fully know the circumstances that will lead to Peter putting on this new suit, but it looks amazing -- just like this Marvel Legends. It comes with two sets of interchangeable hands, which allows to give Spidey plenty of classic poses.


Marvel Legends Mysterio figure


On the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Mysterio could be one of Spider-Man's amazing friends or one of his most lethal foes. The Spider-Man: Far From Home trailers have teased a surprising alliance between Peter and Mysterio who, if he is to be believed, comes from an alternate reality. If that is true, then Mysterio might be a bit different than his comic book counterpart. Regardless of who he really is, Mysterio's iconic look is remarkably similar to his usual costume in the Marvel comic cook universe.

This Marvel Legends figure brings to life the character's signature MCU costume with intricate detail. The fishbowl helmet alone makes this figure a must have, and the cape and interchangeable hands make this a truly dynamic collectible.


Marvel Legends Stealth Spider-Man Figure


The Iron Spider suit, the Homecoming costume and the new upgraded suit aren't the only outfits Peter Parker will wear in Far From Home. In fact, thanks to Nick Fury, Spider-Man will also wear a stealth suit in the film for what we can only assume will be a mission worthy of a great spy.

The action figure features Peter's new black suit which is both tactical and Spider-Man all at the same time. It comes with two different heads, with goggles both on and off, as well as two pairs of hands for many possible poses.


Marvel Legends Doppelganger Spider-Man


Don't be fooled by the item's description on Amazon, which lists this figure as the Demogoblin. This action figure from the Spider-Man: Far From Home wave doesn't have anything to do with the film, but it does finally bring a fan-favorite villain to the collectible line: the Doppelganger Spider-Man.

The Doppelganger Spider-Man is a near-mindless creature that is more spider-monster than spider-man. It was created by Magus and debuted in The Infinity War #1, where Marvel's heroes fought twisted evil versions of themselves. This beast has crossed paths with Spider-Man many times over the years. Now, this action figure brings the creature to frightening life, with all of its eight limbs to make it a striking, monstrous figure that sets itself apart from the rest.


Marvel Legends Hydro-Man


While a character called Hydro-Man will appear in  Spider-Man: Far From Home, its not clear how similar he'll be to the classic comic book villain of the same name. While the film's trailers make Hydro-Man into a mindless Elemental, this Marvel Legends figure captures the Spider-Man villain's simple-but-classic look.

Even if the movie's Hydro-Man is just one of Mysterio's illusions, this figure's giant, translucent water hands, as well as the hydro effects around his feet, make this figure a must-have.


Spider-Woman Jennifer Carpenter Marvel Legends


While Spider-Man usually gets all of the attention, several fan-favorite heroes have swung the Marvel Universe as Spider-Woman. Although Jessica Drew, the first and current Spider-Woman, has already been turned into an action figure a few times, this wave's Spider-Woman figure is of Julia Carpenter, the second Spider-Woman.

Wearing a costume inspired by Spider-Man's black symbiote suit and some of her psionic webs, this hero was a fixture of the late 1980s and early 1990s, when she usually served on teams with Iron Man. She was also a regular on Iron Man: The Animated Series, which makes the figure a must-have for any Iron Man, Spider-Man or Marvel cartoon collection.


Marvel Legends Scorpion figure


As far as we know, Scorpion will not appear in Far From Home, even though the supervillain's alter ego, Mac Gargan, briefly appeared in Spider-Man: Homecoming. While fans will have to wait to see the MCU debut of the fan-favorite character as a full-on supervillain, Hasbro is at least giving us a new action figure featuring the Scorpion in all his menacing might.

The action figure is truly impressive, due in no small part to the impressive color work and design of the figure. With his large tail, this figure of the Scorpion is one that truly deserves a spot in your collection.


Marvel Legends Molten Man

If you needed anymore incentive to get all of this line's figures, then you should also know that six of them come with one of piece of a Build-A-Figure that, when put together, create a hulking action figure of Far From Home's Molten Man. As another of the Elemental creatures featured in the upcoming film, the Molten Man is a giant scorching monster that poses a terrible threat.

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