Spider-Man Family #3 Review

It's interesting, the idea of changing the cover of Heroes for Hire #13 has come up before, and the practicality of changing it was questioned, so it was amusing when Spider-Man Family #3 was released.

When the cover was solicited, here is what it looked like:

At the time, I remarked that Pierre Alay's cover, while pretty good, had a really weird facial expression by Mr. Fantastic on it.

Well, the actual book came out this week, and check out the cover...

Pretty hilarious, huh?

In any event, while I may have thought his Mr. Fantastic on the cover looked a bit weird, Alay's art inside the comic book was excellent. Really good, and the lettering by Nate Piekos really accentuated the art style wonderfully.

It was almost like reading a really good mini-comic instead of a Spider-Man comic.

Paul Tobin's story is simple, but a lot of fun. The basic hook is that Spider-Man accidentally hits the Invisible Woman (while she was invisible and about to hit Elektro with a brick), leading to the rest of the Fantastic Four attacking him (it doesn't help when Sue mumbles "Spider-Man...hit me...").

Tobin's dialogue is sharp and often humorous, and the character interaction is well-done.

It's a real throwback story, except with a modern sensibility you probably wouldn't find in a "classic" Spider-Man story.

The other new story is by Fred Van Lente and Leonard Kirk, and continues a Marvel tradition by having a new hero (Scorpion) tussle with a old villain with the same name (Scorpion...now Venom). It's a pretty good story, as well, but the real draw for this comic is the lead story.

A story that had Marvel change their minds about the cover after solicitations. ;)


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