Spider-Man: 10 Things You Need To Know About Hydro-Man

Spider-Man: Far From Home will be hitting theaters next month, bringing fans the latest big screen adventure of our favorite wall-crawler. One of the most intriguing aspects of the film is the inclusion of the Elemental creatures. While there are suggestions that these monsters come from the Multiverse, many have pointed to the fact that they resemble some classic Spider-Man villains, in particular Hydro-Man.

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The water monster has been heavily featured in the advertising and it could be that this is the MCU’s take on this long-running and exciting Spider-Man bad guy. While there are still a lot of questions about his possible inclusion, now seems like the perfect time to learn more about this watery foe.

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10 His Origins

If Hydro-Man does indeed appear in Far From Home, it seems that the character will be significantly different from his comic book counterpart. For starters, Hydro-Man is not traditionally an Elemental creature. He is just a normal man named Morris Bench, who was a crewman aboard a cargo ship. While there was some experiments being done in the ocean, Bench was accidentally knocked overboard. His molecules mixed with the water and Hydro-Man was the result.

He blamed Spider-Man for his predicament and sought revenge against the hero on several occasions.

9 His Powers

Though he may not be an Elemental creature in most iterations, Hydro-Man does in fact have some very impressive abilities. For starters, he can transform his entire body into water, making him a very slippery foe in a fight (please excuse the pun). When in this form, he becomes nearly indestructible, as his body can break apart and reform.

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He also has the ability to control water around him and can merge with other bodies of water. In attacking his enemies, Hydro-Man can blast powerful jets like a fire hose. All these powers make him a very capable villain.

8 Petty Crime

Despite his impressive skillset, Hydro-Man has yet to realize his full potential as a villain, He is not the brightest baddie Spider-Man has ever come across, so he mostly uses his godlike powers to pull off petty crimes. He is usually seen as a thief or low-rent thug who doesn't pose too much of a threat to Spidey.

Many more ambitious crime bosses have used Hydro-Man as a muscle for hire. His various run-ins with Spider-Man always leave him beaten and humiliated. If not for his lack of intelligence, Hydro-Man could be a real threat.

7 Mud-Thing

Hydro-Man has shared a lot in common with another Spider-Man villain, Sandman. Both of these bad guys have amazing and potentially devastating abilities, but they use their powers for low-stakes crimes and generally work for smarter men. This connection even led them to join forces in a very literal way.

One storyline from the comics saw these two super villains merging together to create a gigantic monster, Mud-Thing. While the combined creature was intimidating, it was still as dim as both of the thugs. Spider-Man ended up making quick work of it by drying it out and leaving it to crumble. After that, Hydro-Man and Sandman went their separate ways.

6 Show Business

spider-man hydro man sandman far from home

Another connection Hydro-Man shares with Sandman is their infatuation with the same woman, Sadie Frickett. Before the end of Mud-Thing, they pursued Sadie together as this muddy mess. In a strange story arc, a theater manager decides to give Sadie and Mud-Thing their own show to cash in on the bizarre relationship.

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Sadie is initially thrilled with the idea of becoming a star, but things go predictably wrong as Mud-Thing becomes jealous of the attention Sadie pays their new manager. This leads the monster on a rampage, where it is finally defeated by Spider-Man.

5 Special Costume

While Hydro-Man failed to see his own potential with his amazing abilities, that did not stop others from trying to exploit his powers. He is recruited by the villain Wizard to become part of the Frightful Four, a supervillain group that usually does battle with the Fantastic Four.

Wizard builds Hydro-Man a special costume which will enhance his powers and even allows him to create tsunamis and tidal waves. However, Wizard also installed some safety protocols which allows him to control Hydro-Man if he thinks he's getting too powerful.

4 Cure

As epic as his powers sound, Hydro-Man isn't a big fan of being a man made of water. He is not only out to get revenge on Spider-Man for his condition, but he also seeks to find a way to get his old body back. In one storyline, he sets out to find a cure that can restore him.

Hydro-Man finds Dr. Rachna Koul and tries to get him to come up with this cure he seeks. Though the doctor seems to come close to a solution, the Fantastic Four show up, sending Hydro-Man into attack mode and seeing him  beaten before he is able to be cured.

3 Run-Ins With Namor

Though Hydro-Man is mainly seen as a Spider-Man villain, he has had more than a few run-ins with other Marvel heroes. One character who has had a significant impact on Hydro-Man is Namor. Interestingly, though Namor can be quite heroic, Hydro-Man seems to have crossed the Sub-Mariner's path during his more nefarious activities.

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Morris Bench is in fact knocked into the water that transformed him because of a battle between Spider-Man and Namor. What's more, Hydro-Man is captured and imprisoned in Atlantis at one point, so Namor can use him as a weapon against the surface world. With rumors of Namor showing up in the MCU, we wonder if there will be similar connections.

2 The Animated Series

spider-man 94 hydro man

Hydro-Man might not be the most famous of Spider-Man's villains, but many fans will know who he is thanks to his appearance in the popular Spider-Man: The Animated Series from the 1990s. However, that version of the character was changed to make him a more personal foe for Spider-Man.

Morris Bench is depicted as Mary Jane's obsessive ex-boyfriend. After they broke up, Bench went into the Navy, where he had his little accident. Now a supervillain, he seeks to win Mary-Jane back.

1 Team Player

It is interesting to see the rumored Hydro-Man from Far From Home as part of the Elemental group, since Hydro-Man from the comics has a history of being a member of a variety of villainous teams.

As mentioned before, he was once a member of the Frightful Four, alongside Wizard, Titania and Klaw. He was also a member of the Masters of Evil and the super-group the Sinister Twelve. There have been rumors that Far From Home is setting up the Sinister Six for the MCU, so perhaps we could see him joining a new group in time.

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