Spider-Man in Texas Holds Up Encouraging Signs for Drivers

A resident of Atascocita, Texas has taken it upon himself to become the area's very own friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

A local man by the name of Cameron Fielder is known for dressing up as various superheroes on his days off. Fielder stands near busy intersections in-costume, holding up signs for passing drivers that say things such as "you matter" and "you are strong." Recently, he did this while wearing the iconic suit of Marvel's resident wall-crawler.

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"This world is full of negativity these days and I don't want that to be continuing. Of course, it always will, but I want to at least try to make a difference," Fielder told ABC13 Houston. "I took what I dealt with and applied it to other people. Anxiety or depression, any of these types of things you may have."

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ABC13 Houston

Fielder explains that he wants to offer a sense of encouragement and support to those who may be fighting their own personal, silent battles. Evidently, his efforts haven't gone unnoticed. According to Fielder, drivers often honk and yell to get his attention. Additionally, in the two weeks since he started dressing up as Spider-Man, word has gotten around and people have begun looking for him around the area.

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What's more, Fielder's efforts expand beyond motorists, as the Houston area's Spidey also makes it a point to interact with pedestrians. "I wave at everyone and high five some kids, things like that," he said. "Then, I got the idea to pass out coloring books and sticker books."

Fielder explains that he will be taking his motivational campaign to the streets of Houston and plans to encourage drivers for as long as he can. A Facebook page chronicling his adventures has been launched, if you'd like to keep up to date.

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