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Who’s Harder to Hit, Spider-Man or Domino?

by  in CBR Exclusives, Comics, Comic News Comment
Who’s Harder to Hit, Spider-Man or Domino?

Comic Book Questions Answered – where I answer whatever questions you folks might have about comic books (feel free to e-mail questions to me at

Reader Zach D., presumably inspired by my recent list about Domino (who is probably going to appear in “Deadpool 2”), asked me who was easier to hit, Spider-Man (using his Spider-Sense) or Domino (using her luck powers)?

First off, Spider-Man’s Spider-Sense works as a sort of danger alarm to him, while Domino’s luck powers require her to actively use them. So in other words, if you’re asking who you can sneak up on and knock out easier, by far the answer is Domino. She is fully vulnerable if you catch her unawares. Spider-Man, however, will be warned by his Spider-Sense as soon as you come close to intending to do him harm. Heck, his Spider-Sense can even tell him if someone’s spying on him!

But Zach is more likely thinking about an actual fight scenario, and there’s where things get tricky. Spider-Man’s Spider-Sense, coupled with his superhuman agility, makes it easy for him to avoid bullets…

But in the case of Domino, she is not so much avoiding bullets so much as her “luck” power is actually using telekinesis linked with her body to not only move her out of the way of the bullets, but to actively MOVE the bullets out of her way. This isn’t done on a conscious level, though, so it just looks like she’s super agile and avoiding the bullets like Spider-Man….

Therefore, based on the way that their powers technically work, theoretically Spider-Man should be easier to hit, no? As his power warns him of a danger and he then actively moves out of the way. Domino’s power, though, both moves her out of the way instinctively but also moves the PROJECTILES out of the way, as well. It is how she can survive giant explosions…

So, when it comes down to brass tacks, I think Domino should be better at avoiding getting hit than Spider-Man. That’s MY answer.

However, there’s specific comic book evidence to the contrary, as we saw in “Contest of the Champions II” #4 (by Chris Claremont and Michael Ryan) that the opposite was true, and that Spider-Man was ultimately better at catching Domino than she was at catching him…

So, I suppose the answer might have to be Spider-Man, if you accept that issue as “precedent.” Otherwise, stick with Domino!

Thanks for the question, Zach, sorry I couldn’t be clearer but, well, as you saw, sometimes the comics conflict with the powers as we know them to be, so it’s tough.

If anyone else has a question they’d like to learn the answer to, drop me a line at!

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