That Time Spider-Man Accidentally Destroyed a Planet

In Remember to Forget, we spotlight comic book stories that I wish I could forget, but I can't, so I instead share them with you all!

My pal Michael F. suggested this one to me, a Spider-Man guest appearance in a little known Marvel title that didn't go very well for Spider-Man.

"Knights of Pendragon" was a comic book series produced by Marvel UK that was written by Dan Abnett and John Tomlinson. It starred a group of British superheroes who were empowered by the magical Green Knight. There were two volumes of the series. In the second volume, there was a four-part storyline (with art by John Royle and a bunch of inkers) where the Knights teamed up with Spider-Man to help save a world in the Multiverse that was ruled by Spider beings.

In the end, the Knights and Spider-Man were able to save the day, except that there still remained the issue of a nuclear bomb that was designed to destroy the world. The Knights managed to open up a dimensional rift and Spider-Man threw the bomb through it...

Happy times, right? Well, for THAT world, but five issues later, we see where that bomb landed - on another Earth in the Multiverse!!


The surviving heroes of that world then challenged the Knights, who had to concede that yeah, they kind of WERE responsible for the destruction of that world. The whole thing was never discussed again, but definitely not the finest hour for the good ol' Webhead.

Thanks for the suggestion, Michael! If anyone else has a suggestion for a story that you wish you could forget, drop me a line at brianc@cbr.com!

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