20 Things Fans Ignore About Spider-Man And Deadpool’s Relationship

There is an old saying that opposites attract, and that seems to apply best when people are talking about Spider-Man and Deadpool, who are about as different as any two people can get. One is famous, one is infamous. One of them is a hero in every sense in the word, while the other has no problem laying down his own kind of law, no matter how twisted and lacking in morals it may be. Spider-Man is known for doing the right thing, while Deadpool does his version of the right thing. Naturally, when the two got together, because of their many differences, it sparked interest in the comic book world.

Spider-Man first debuted in the '60s and has gone on to become one of Marvel’s most popular characters. Deadpool debuted in the '90s first as a villain before becoming a world-famous anti-hero. Other than a unique sense of humor, it would appear on the surface that Spidey and Deadpool have nothing in common. One would assume that they’d never get along. However, few superheroes have the type of friendship that Spider-Man and Deadpool have. The bromance has blossomed over the years, turning into a mostly one-sided romantic interest, and now they have become the odd couple of Marvel. Like every other relationship, they have many breakups and makeups. They fight a lot and have even tried to seriously hurt each other, but at the end of the day, they are best friends. However, considering their ambiguous bromance, fans tend to ignore certain arcs or aspects of their relationship. Here’s a look at 20 Interesting Things Fans Ignore About Spider-Man and Deadpool’s Relationship.

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Deadpool met several different versions of Spider-Man. However, he didn't meet the main continuity Spider-Man until 2006. They didn’t start off as friends and instead got into a fight. Peter Parker was with a fellow reporter when Deadpool attacked. In fact, Deadpool tossed Parker over a bridge. Of course, Spider-Man showed up to do battle with Deadpool.

Their friendship didn’t start off the best way. Deadpool spent most of the time mocking Tobey Maguire who was Spider-Man at the time. This set the tone for their initial interactions. Spidey’s known for his sense of humor but he played the straight man to Deadpool. It wasn’t until much later that they struck the perfect balance where both are funny.


It might appear that Deadpool and Spider-Man have very little in common. However, on the surface, they clearly share a lot. Spider-Man first debuted in August 1962. Deadpool didn’t debut until February 1991. Obviously, Deadpool and Spider-Man have similar costumes. In fact, Deadpool's costume is based on Spider-Man. The design, colors, and mask are all very similar.

Deadpool’s creator Rob Liefeld admitted that he based his appearance on Spider-Man’s appearance. Deadpool and Spidey even often bring up the fact that they look similar. In an early draft of the Deadpool film script, there was a direct connection to Spider-Man in which Wade Wilson finds Spidey’s mask in the street and turns it inside out to create his own.


Deadpool and Spider-Man

As everyone knows, Wade Wilson is a psychopathic mercenary and assassin. However, he is also known for his sense of humor and tendency to break the fourth wall. Deadpool and Spider-Man develop a friendship but that doesn’t change the fact that Deadpool is crazy. Wilson likes to cause fights and enjoys getting into them too, so our favorite mercenary had no problems starting fights with Spider-Man just to annoy him.

In fact, on several occasions, he attempted to end Spidey. In one issue, Deadpool discovers he’s in a comic book and shoots Spidey at close range. Regardless, in the main continuity, Deadpool can never bring himself to actually take Spider-Man's life.


Deadpool Ultimate Spider-man

The Marvel Universe is large. It features several different versions of the characters, as it takes place in a near-infinite multiverse. In the main continuity, Deadpool and Spider-Man have a love-hate relationship. However, in other parts of the universe, they just hate each other.

The Ultimate Deadpool isn’t as funny and straight up hates Spider-Man, and it is within these comics that he actually wants to end Spider-Man. Luckily for Spider-Man, the main continuity Deadpool is always looking out for his good friend, and that Deadpool also comes to Spider-Man's rescue to take out his alternate timeline Deadpool.



Deadpool appears to be a selfish and rude anti-hero. However, he cares deeply about Spider-Man, and is always there for him. For instance, Spider-Man was having a difficult time defeating Chameleon. Deadpool put on Spidey’s costume and pretended to be the Web-Slinger in order to defeat Chameleon.

Not only did he defeat the villain -- Spidey's first baddie, incidentally -- he also made Spidey look good in the process! Deadpool didn't do it for fame, or to give himself a good name. He did it because he loves his friend Spider-Man, who has always been someone he has looked up to since he began his heroing career.


Spider-Man Deadpool

Deadpool and Spider-Man have a special bond. It’s unlike any other friendship in the Marvel Universe. Wade Wilson and Peter Parker’s friendship is the definition of a bromance, but there are a lot of hints that point to it becoming a romance. However, there have been several different characters to don the Spidey mask, and Deadpool has pretty much met every version.

He met Superior Spider-Man and the Miles Morales Spidey, and tends to get along with all of them to varying degrees. However, Wilson’s favorite Spidey without a doubt is Peter Parker... even when he’s insulting his deceased mother.


Spider-Man is one of the most popular and well-known comic book characters. Due to his popularity, he crossed over into other media platforms. Spider-Man has been featured in several films with different actors taking the lead role. Spider-Man also starred in several animated series as well, with Deadpool appearing to help and annoy his best pal.

However, fans are ready for Deadpool to get his own series. They almost got what they wanted too since, at one point, Donald Glover was working on an animated Deadpool series. Unfortunately, that never ended up happening, but fans still have their dream.


Deadpool and Spider-Man go on some wild adventures, and when you throw in The Punisher, things get even crazier. In the comic book, Marvel Universe vs. The Punisher, all the Marvel characters are turned into zombies. Punisher’s the only one immune and takes out each zombie one by one.

To no one's surprise, the Deadpool zombie is really annoying and won't perish. They later team up with Spider-Man and his group of zombies to take out the King of Fear. Spidey and Deadpool always find themselves in interesting situations. They often team up with other popular characters, and the Punisher is definitely one of the best people they could have teamed up with.


MCU X-Men Spider-Man Deadpool

Several different actors have portrayed Spider-Man on the big screen, including Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. Tom Holland currently portrays the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He starred in a solo film as well as The Avengers series.

Ryan Reynolds portrays Deadpool in his own films that are under Fox's hold, having made two films in the process. Reynolds enjoys trolling Holland as much as Deadpool would enjoy trolling Spider-Man. Reynolds sent out a tweet thanking the Vancouver police for shutting down the city in order to shoot Spider-Man when he was, in fact, shooting for his own film.


Deadpool and Spider-Man crossovers never disappoint their fans, especially when they interact with new characters. Spider-Man and Deadpool once teamed up with the magicians Penn and Teller. It might seem like an odd pairing but it worked. In the Spider-Man/Deadpool comic “Change Partners,” Deadpool and Teller switch partners.

Teller aids Spider-Man is his crime fighting, while Penn takes the more dramatic route with Deadpool. He ends up hurting Deadpool so people could see him heal, which becomes their famous trick. In the end, they switch back to their original partners but it proved to be a popular issue. In fact, Penn wrote the issue, which he called “a dream come true.”


Spider-Man and Deadpool like to crack jokes. In the middle of a fight, both have shown off their senses of humor. However, when they first teamed up, Spidey was usually the straight man; but eventually, they found the perfect balance between their different senses of humor.

In one of their first encounters, Deadpool and Spidey traded insults back and forth, specifically, they traded "Yo Mama" jokes and it got pretty personal. This definitely set the tone for their relationship. They would go on to be an amazing duo that fans adored, but they always managed to slip in a number of jokes during their missions together.


Spider-Man and Deadpool have battled evil geniuses, mutants, and aliens, but it turns out one of their scarier moments together was when they went on a double date. In one issue, Spidey and Deadpool go on a double date with Queen Shiklah’s sister Jenny and Jane Foster's Thor.

Eventually, Deadpool pushes a few buttons between the ladies, and tension gets higher and higher before it snaps. The women fall into a mud pit that Deadpool had laid as a trap for them, but the women don't let that go easily. They get their revenge by making Deadpool and Spider-Man dance in their underwear on stage.



As we noted earlier, Marvel comics contain several different realities. Notably, one alternate reality features funny anthropomorphic animal parodies of various Marvel characters. In fact, Spider-Man’s animal counterpart is Spider-Ham/Peter Porker. Other characters include X-Bugs, Hulk-Bunny, Scarlet Pooch, and Ant-Ham.

In one storyline, Spider-Man is trapped in a dream world as Spider-Ham. However, he saw a familiar face in Deadpool. Obviously, Deadpool had a couple of different animal counterparts, but we can only imagine the kind of trouble these two would get into if this was a comic book storyline that was continued and taken seriously.


Spider-Man normally does everything by the book. However, Deadpool might be a bad influence on Spidey. Deadpool and Spider-Man have battled some unique villains, but the most unique had to be Hit-Monkey, for the most obvious reason; we never see a monkey who is a hitman. This foe targets Deadpool and goes on a rampage.

Despite their friendship up until that point, Peter Parker actually thinks Wade Wilson is responsible for the carnage. When he learns he is wrong, Spidey helps Deadpool defeat Hit-Monkey but Deadpool ends up in jail. Thankfully, for Wade, Spider-Man breaks him out. This arc just goes to show that although Deadpool has his faults, Spider-Man has to learn to give him the benefit of the doubt.


Deadpool and Spider-Man have fought on several occasions. However, they make better partners than enemies. In fact, they’ve successfully teamed up on several occasions. They’ve teamed up to take on the greatest villains and even members of the X-Men. They’ve battled all the most famous and evil villains in the comic book world.

However, they don’t just fight ordinary villains. They’ve encountered several interesting enemies, including, zombies, dinosaurs and Richard Nixon. Whether it's Deadpool starting the problem or not, it doesn't matter to Spider-Man, he helps out whenever he can. Marvel’s odd couple has no problem taking on the strangest and weirdest creatures in the universe.


Deadpool and Spider-Man Bad Boys 2 Sweaters

Deadpool and Spider-Man have teamed up many times. However, the Merc with a Mouth and the Web-Slinger don’t always go on a traditional adventure. They’ve gone on double dates and saved the world. They’ve also had to step in and saved Christmas. In one of their early team-ups, they had to battle the god Saturn. Saturn’s angry because Christmas outshines his holiday.

Instead of getting into a violent brawl, Spidey and Deadpool teach Saturn the meaning and magic of Christmas. They do this by going dancing with the Rockettes and by going ice-skating. The trio also gamble and Spider-Man gets a buzz from an energy drink. The whole issue makes for a really fun time.


Even though Spider-Man didn't mind teaming up with Deadpool, he did not really enjoy spending time with him outside of their work hours, which caused some issues in their friendship. Eventually, Spidey gave in and tried to be his friend. For example, Spidey and Deadpool decided to go to the movies in an attempt to strengthen the friendship.

They watched Nighthawk v Hyperion: Yawn of Boredom. The film is a spoof of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which was a flop. Spidey and Deadpool take the opportunity to mock the DC Extended Universe and the film. More importantly, mocking the film brings Spider-Man and Deadpool closer together.


Spider-Man and Deadpool have had their fair share of problems. However, at the end of the day, Spidey and Deadpool are friends. Wade Wilson can be hard to get along with, especially for someone like Peter Parker. In fact, Parker doesn’t approve of Wilson’s violent and rude nature.

Regardless, Parker sees beyond Wilson’s flaws, which is tough considering he has a lot. Parker truly believes Wilson is a good person deep down inside, which is why he has no problem saving his life, and coming to his aid whenever it is needed. Wilson, who is touched by the heroism every single time, always returns the favor.


Itsy Bitsy

Deadpool and Spider-Man have a very bizarre friendship. They’re truly an odd couple of the comic book world. They’re not just good friends, they’re also fathers… together! Supervillain Itsy-Bitsy is the daughter of Spider-Man and Deadpool. Seriously, she’s their genetic offspring.

Additionally, she possesses the combined powers of her two dads, which includes, accelerated Spidey sense, healing powers, and sharp webs. She’s the first supervillain to have two dads. Her design is a combination of Spidey and Deadpool’s symbols. When she goes on a wild rampage and causes a great deal of destruction, both fathers hunt her down.



Without a doubt, Spider-Man and Deadpool have one of the greatest relationships in comic book history, but it turns out that their bromance goes much deeper. Spidey considers Deadpool a friend, but Deadpool’s comments sometimes imply that he might have romantic feelings for the web-slinger.

In Spider-Man/Deadpool #4, Wade Wilson reveals that he has a top five free pass list. His good buddy Peter Parker is Number 5! Additionally, a magic spell summoned Deadpool's “heartmate." Deadpool assumed it was Queen Shiklah but instead, Spider-Man was revealed to be his heartmate. So, Spider-Man and Deadpool are crime-fighting partners, best friends, and soulmates.

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