Spider-Man/Deadpool Won’t Let ‘One More Day’ Stay in the Past

One thing Marvel takes great pleasure in is reminding readers of the controversial Spider-Man story arc "One More Day." Though the events angered a segment of fans by dissolving Peter Parker's marriage to Mary Jane Watson, it also helped kickstart a new era for the wall-crawler that continues to this day.

If there's one series where "One More Day" is constantly alluded to, its Spider-Man/Deadpool. The comic brought Peter Parker face-to-face with Mephisto, who Peter originally made a deal with that resulted in the disappearance of his marriage, along with his identity as a hero being a secret once again.

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"One More Day" rears its ugly head yet again in Spider-Man/Deadpool #33. After Old Man Wade Wilson of the future switches places with the present-day Deadpool, he becomes captured and tied up to Spider-Man. An older, gray-haired Deadpool is just as talkative as his younger counterpart, so he begins chatting up Spider-Man, calling the hero by his public last name. Of course, in the future, Wade is aware of who Spider-Man really is. However, "One More Day" reversed Spider-Man's public unmasking, so there's no way Wade should know that Peter and Spider-Man are one and the same. This leads to a slightly awkward moment of fourth-wall breaking.

"I vaguely remember this happening," Deadpool said while staring directly at the reader. "I mean, how could you forget..."

Spider-Man and Deadpool have what you could consider a "complicated" relationship. Wade may wear on Peter's nerves, but the two make a pretty good team. Deadpool has just the right amount of humor where he can get away with poking fun at his best bud and "One More Day."

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However, one can argue with Spider-Man/Deadpool and Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel needs to either undo "One More Day" or stop trolling Spider-Man fans with constant reminders. Perhaps we'll get a definitive answer once Amazing Spider-Man relaunches with the new creative team of Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley for Marvel's "Fresh Start" publishing initiative.

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