5 DC Heroes Spider-Man Would Team Up With (& 5 He Would Hate)

Who in the Marvel Universe doesn't love Spider-Man? Well, aside from his greatest foes (and Wolverine), absolutely no one. Sure, he's forever cursed with the "Parker Luck," but Peter is still a great guy to be around.

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He's funny, always putting himself before others, and tries his best not to let everyone down. With such a lovable personality, we decided to take Spider-Man into a "Darker" world and see five superheroes in the DC Universe Spidey would love to team up with, as well as five that he wouldn't want to be near.

10 Would Team Up With Superman

Starting with the most obvious choice, Superman and Spider-Man are often seen as the faces of their respected companies. They're both good guys that dress up as Crime Fighters to save their cities while having to deal with their on-and-off relationships with the women they love.

The two heroes are often seen as the ideal Super Heroes in their respected worlds, as Spider-Man represents what the everyday man has to deal with (aside from fighting supervillains) while Superman represents what the people aspire to be like. Besides, the two have already teamed up back in the '70s.

9 Wouldn't Team Up With Damian Wayne

Depending on who's wearing the Robin costume, Spider-Man wouldn't mind hanging out with either Dick Greyson or Tim Drake as Robin. However, if we're talking about the son of Bruce Wayne, Peter would rather web him up before working with him.

Damian is a self-entitled, straight-faced kid who barely knows how to loosen up when fighting crime. He continually sees himself better than anyone around him and continuously is bickering with his father when the two are on patrol. If anything, Damian would use his sword to cut Spider-Man's head off before working with him.

8 Would Team Up With Batman

While Batman can be a stick in the mud, he does share a lot in common with Spider-Man. Peter Parker and Bruce Wayne both two lost their parental figures to muggers and fight crime so that no one will ever suffer the same fate that they did.

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Even though Spider-Man is a trash talker, he has the mind of a genius, which would aid Batman greatly if the two were to work together on various upgrades for their tech. Besides, like with Superman, Batman has already teamed up with the Web-Swinger back in the day, and he's also teamed up with other beloved NY Heroes, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

7 Wouldn't Team Up With Red Hood

Like with Damian, Jason Todd is a bit of a brat. When he first met Batman, he was a street kid who was stealing the rims of the Batmobile. After nearly dying from an encounter with the Joker, he became Red Hood and took justice into his own hands.

Unlike Batman, Red Hood doesn't mind killing everyone in his sights. Spider-Man and Batman follow a rigorous "no-kill" rule, so Jason wouldn't want to hang out with Peter Parker, even if the two can wisecrack like the best.

6 Would Team Up With Wonder Woman

She's the strongest woman in the world and a founding member of the Justice League, so of course, Wonder Woman would team up with everyone's Friendly Neighborhood Super Hero. Wonder Woman may be stern and determined, but she's also kind and compassionate. Even with her greatest villains, she's always giving them a chance to turn over a new leaf.

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She's worked with several different personalities in the Justice League, like Hal Jordon and Barry Allen, so she already knows what to expect with the likes of Spider-Man. Now, if only Spidey could use some of the Lasso of Truth threads in his Web-Shooters.

5 Wouldn't Team Up With The Question

The Question is a total conspiracy nut. He probably makes Alex Jones look sane in comparison. He continually believes in the craziest of theories and comes up with things that connect one theory with another, even if they have nothing in common.

At least when Alex Jones makes up a theory, you can't help but laugh at the sheer lunacy of what he's saying. The Question may work with the Justice League on a few occasions, but he's a guy that not many would trust since he's already second-guessing their motives.

4 Would Team Up With The Flash

The Flash is already a bit of a wise-cracking Super Hero. Be it Barry Allen or Wally West behind the suit; The Flash can't help but talk a big game whenever he's up against the likes of Gorilla Grodd or Solomon Grundy.

Like with Spider-Man, a lot of his greatest foes often team up in a group to take him down. Spidey's got the Sinister Six while Flash has The Rogues. Spider-Man may not be as fast as Flash, but he can see when a bad guy like Reverse-Flash is coming, thanks to his Spider-Sense. So, why not have these young heroes team up with one another?

3 Wouldn't Team Up With Guy Gardner

Guy Gardner may have a lot of will power, but that's because he's got a huge ego up in that head of his. While Hal Jordon or John Stewart wouldn't mind teaming up with Spidey, Guy is so self-absorbed that he can't help but try to do something stupid so he can get all the glory.

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Maybe that's a little too much, but it's easy to imagine when you see this guy continually bickering with his fellow teammates and friends. It makes you wonder how he even got into the Justice League with that Smart mouth of his. It makes Spider-Man's look clean in comparison.

2 Would Team Up With Cyborg

Cyborg is the guy who, despite being an android, is one of the more human members of the Justice League. Vic Stone is not only continually creating new ways to use his technology for him to use to fight bad guys, but he also knows how to let loose and have some fun once in a while.

Just look at all his adventures with the Teen Titans. He was once seen grilling ups some burgers for a Barbecue they were having. If that doesn't say that he's a good match to work with Spider-Man than we don't know what else you need to trust us on this choice.

1 Wouldn't Team Up With John Constantine

John Constantine is a bit of an idiot when you get down to it. He's continuously smoking, drinking, and using Dark Magic to fight against those who wish to destroy the earth.

Dr. Strange has often been called the most arrogant person in the Marvel Universe, but he still shows compassion to others. Constantine is a devil in comparison.

He's got an ego the size of his coat and wouldn't mind offing a few goons if it makes things easier. Spider-Man would be wise to stay away from Constantine and work with another magic-user of the DC Universe, like Zatanna or Shazam.

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