Spider-Man: 5 DC Heroes He Can Beat (& 5 He Can't)

Everyone loves a good ole fashioned "who will beat who" discussion. Sure, Super Heroes should use their powers to fight evil, but since Superman and Batman played each other in a game of baseball in the Golden Age, fans have wanted to see heroes go against each other in competition.

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For this list, we decided to take a look at 5 DC heroes that everyone's favorite Web-Swinger, Spider-Man, can defeat in combat, while also taking a look at 5 DC heroes he'd be better off not running into.

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Green Arrow Golden Age Earth-Two
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10 Can Beat: Green Arrow

Green Arrow Golden Age Earth-Two

In the comics, Spider-Man has shown to be able to take on and defeat Hawkeye in combat. With Spider-Man's Spider-Sence and enhanced agility, he was able to make quick work of the Avengers' Archer. So, given how similar Hawkeye is to DC's Green Arrow, it makes perfect sense that the web-slinger would also be able to take on the Arrow in a no throws bar.

9 Can't Beat: Green Lantern

Green Lantern Corps New 52

Despite being able to take a lot of beatings, it would be hard to see Spider-Man get back up against a Green Lantern. Green Lantern can create powerful energy constructs that can turn into just about anything they want. Spider-Man may have gone up against Electricity and lasers; he hasn't battled against someone who can create whatever they want. It's especially true when you learn that Spidey doesn't have anything close to a yellow suit in his closet.

8 Can Beat: Superboy


While Spider-Man might not be able to take on a specific Super being from DC, he has been able to take on his clone, Superboy. During the epic DC vs. Marvel event in the mid-'90s, the two companies put the Web-Swinger up against the Metropolis Kid in a no-holds battle.

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While the fight was pretty close, Spider-Man was able to come out on top. While some might cry foul since it was Ben Reilly that fought Conner Kent, you can only imagine how Peter Parker would go up against the Boy of Steel.

7 Can't Beat: The Flash

While Spider-Man was able to defeat Quicksilver, he won't have the same luck when he meets the scarlet speedster. While Quicksilver is strong, The Flash has been ready to fight against his group of Super-Villains at the same time, much like Spider-Man. It also helps that the Flash can move so fast that he's able to vibrate through solid matter, including human flesh. Spider-Man may have his Spider-Sense, but The Flash is just too quick for this Queens-based hero.

6 Can Beat: Nightwing

Batman may have trained Nightwing, the former sidekick but doesn't have the same advantages the Dark Knight has. He doesn't have the technical know-how of his mentor, nor the money to produce something that could help in a fight against Spider-Man. While Dick has a clear hand-to-hand combat advantage, he doesn't have the reflexes of Daredevil that could allow him to go toe-to-toe against Spider-Man's Spider-Sense.

5 Can't Beat: Batman

Batman maybe just a man, but the Dark Knight has plenty of experience. From training with the best martial artist in the world to his detective skills that help in combat (see his fight with the Ninja Turtles), Batman has proven to be a match against anyone, even a god.

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Hell, Batman has just about everything he needs to win in his handy-dandy utility belt. But, the one real reason Batman would defeat Spider-Man would be because of Batman's determination. Even when the chips are down, Batman always manages to find a way to come out on top.

4 Can Beat: Black Canary

Despite his smart-ass persona, Spider-Man is a science wizard. He's able to create devices, like his iconic web-shooters, to give him an edge against the villains. In one issue, after Spider-Man was defeated by a new Hobgoblin who could use a super-sonic scream, he was able to create a suit that counter-acted against it. So, if he ever goes up against someone, like Black Canary, who could use a superpower like that, Spidey would just need to get that suit, and all is over. While Hobgoblin was able to give Spider-Man a run for his money, especially with the gadgets at his disposal, Black Canary wouldn't last a few minutes against Spider-Man.

3 Can't Beat: Wonder Woman

Spider-Man has gone against monsters, mutants, and supervillains, but he hasn't gone up against one of the Amazons. Spider-Man may be reliable, but he's not strong enough to take on the Champion of the Amazons, Wonder Woman. Unlike other super strong heroes, Wonder Woman doesn't have that much in the way of weaknesses. She's the most powerful woman in the world, a master in hand-to-hand combat, and she has her nearly indestructible Lasso of Truth that can hold just about any person. Compare that to Spider-Man's webs(which Wonder Woman could tear through like paper), and Spidey would want to keep his distance FAR AWAY from Diana Prince

2 Can Beat: Vixen

Vixen is a character who has the power to summon the strengths and abilities of any animal. While this is a helpful ability to have when fighting Spider-Man, the problem comes when you know that Spider-Man has fought tons of Super-Villains with animal-like skills. The Rhino, The Vulture, The Lizard, the list goes on. If that's not enough, Spider-Man also has had numerous squabbles with Kraven the Hunter, who has defeated just about every animal on the planet. So, with that much experience under his belt, It's safe to say that Spider-Man wouldn't have too much difficulty going against the animal-like woman.

1 Can't Beat: Superman

Superman vs Doomsday feature

He's Superman. You know this, we know this, the world knows this. Yeah, Spider-Man is durable, can climb onto anything, is super smart, est. However, none of that won't help you when your opponent is someone who has no limits and can do just about anything. Superman is the most powerful being in the universe and can stand up to just about anything that isn't Kryptonite, Red-Sun Energy and Magic. Seeing how Spider-Man doesn't have these and doesn't know what Kryptonite is, it's safe to say that he wouldn't stand a second against the Man of Steel.

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