Spider-Man Comic Book Urban Legends

* Kevin Smith killed off Mysterio without permission from the Spider-Man office.

* The recent Norman Osborn/Gwen Stacy relationship in Amazing Spider-Man was never intended to occur!

* Marv Wolfman created Black Cat as a foil for the Amazing Spider-Man

* Kurt Busiek was NOT the first choice for Untold Tales of Spider-Man

* Jack Kirby drew the very first cover featuring Spider-Man.

* Electronic ankle bracelet monitors were created based on a Spider-Man comic strip.

* Gerry Conway did not intend to include the "snap" in the death of Gwen Stacy

* Venom was originally going to be a woman.

* Uncle Ben tells Peter "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility."

* Jim Shooter got the idea for Spider-Man's black costume from a piece of fan fiction.

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