10 Things Every Spider-Man Fan Should Have In Their Home

Everyone's favorite web-slinging, building leaping, swinging superhero is stacked with memorabilia and collectibles to display with love and loyalty. Whether you are a long-time fan or a recently bitten convert, these collectibles are sure to update a collection or jumpstart a new one.

Next time you're exhausted from a long day out saving the city and fighting bad guys, come home to these items that will remind you why you do what you do with such bravery, gusto and remarkable agility. Appealing to a range of tastes and styles, everything on this list is worth owning, ranked from amazing to downright legendary.

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10 Spider-Man Wine Glass Set

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These collectible glasses are perfect for subtle nods to your fandom during subtle smiles at a date. The glasses are an awesome addition to a memorabilia collection, but also perfect for personal use when you are winding down with your favorite red or white. The set contains two stemless 16 ounce glasses, clear with a Spider-Man face logo etched onto each one.

They come in a gift box, protecting their condition for a collector who keeps quality in focus. These also make a great gift for a collector or fan, as they can keep them in use and it will cheer them to see their favorite hero peering out at them from their kitchen cabinet.

9 Spider-Man Logo Messenger Bag

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This messenger bag looks great displayed with other collectibles, used to store figures, or as a bag to carry around on your way to work and play. The front flap features the Spider logo with a webbed, black and red background, securely fastened to the bag with a velcro strip.

A diagonal zipper pocket is on the front for small trinkets, with three more zipped pockets hidden beneath the flap, next to pen holders. Two side pockets provide extra space for your belongings, and the large main area is big enough to carry a tablet or notebook. The adjustable shoulder strap keeps your stuff securely strapped to your body while you're on the hunt for more memorabilia.

8 Spider-Man Bust Bank

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This bust piggy bank is a true collector's item, made of roto-cast plastic and measuring 6 x 5 x 4 inches. It works as a wonderful desk decoration or a piece to display in your home, featuring Spider-Man in an action pose with his fist cocked, at the ready.

The bust stores coins as a piggy bank, making it a great item to gift to a younger fan, while still functioning as a great ornament for an adult to own. The bust is lightweight, but still sturdy and stands up steadily on a surface. For something a little bit different from the usual figures and statuettes, this piggy bank is a must-have.

7 Spider-Man: Homecoming Homemade Suit Funko Pop

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This Pop features Spider-Man in his homemade suit from the 2017 film, Spider-Man: Homecoming. It's not as common to see a Funko Pop with this kind of shape and texture, simulating a sewn-together, imperfect riff on the classic blue and red Spidey suit. The Pop stands 3 3/4 inches tall, depicting Peter Parker as he was in the film, after Tony Stark decided he couldn't have his classic suit.

The rough and ill-fitting shape of the mask, makeshift goggles and vest oversleeves are detailed and colorful. The pose is determined, with one fist forward and clenching. This is a great collectible from Spider-Man: Homecoming, capturing a memorable moment from the film to look back on.

6 3D Spider-Man Crystal Ball

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This crystal ball is laser-etched, featuring a three-dimensional image of Spider-Man, frozen in a jump with his arm extended forward to sling a web. The image is engraved into the ball, highly detailed and delicately designed.

Colored light emits from the bottom of the structure, illuminating Spidey in all his glory. The crystal ball is just under 2 inches in diameter, with an LED base. It is battery-operated, enabling it to be placed wherever you like. This is a creative and more whimsical interpretation of the hero, perfect for fans who have an alternative style. The glass ball can also be taken off the base, if you need something beautiful to threaten burglars with.

5 Time for Action Plushies

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This is a set of 5 collectible plushies, each one featuring Spider-Man in a different action pose. He is depicted climbing, hanging from a web, crouching and getting ready to sling webs, in his classic blue and red suit. A fifth plushie features Miles in his red and black outfit, arms stretched out to sling something of his own.

Each plushie is 12 inches in height, larger than you would expect in a full set of 5. The plushies that are climbing and hanging also come with suction cups attached, so they can be displayed on a window. These make a great collectible gift for a young fan or a young at heart collector.

4 3D Spider-Man Mask Deco Light

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This is a great addition to a bedroom or den, next to a space where you love to play video games or watch movies. It's also the perfect wall decoration for a room or closet dedicated to all your Spider-Man collectibles if you are a fierce collector.

The light is cordless, so it can be mounted anywhere you like without worrying about access to an outlet. The mask is battery-operated and comes with a crack sticker to place on the wall behind it, giving the illusion of Spider-Man smashing his face through the wall. The light works on two settings - one that causes the entire mask to glow and one that features two glowing eyes only, beaming through the darkness.

3 Spider-Man Gaming Chair

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While you sit absorbed in your favorite web-slinging video game, you may notice a small crick in your neck or discomfort in your muscles. That's because you aren't gaming in this collectible Spider-Man chair, comfortable and stylish with armrests and wheels.

The chair features a web pattern and Spider-Man logo, with an adjustable lower back cushion to keep your spine in good shape and keep your body from sitting under stress for too long. The chair has a comfy elastic seat and an adjustable height. It reclines for relaxation and can also be used as an office chair, to keep you in the crime-fighting mood all day long.

2 Cosplay Spider-Man Suit

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No Spider-Man collection is complete without a suit. This is perfect for hanging out in dark alleys and on rooftops, keeping watch over innocent citizens in your hometown. The suit is 3D - style, with details that pop out from the fabric, including the web pattern and spider logo.

The 100% spandex structure stretches all the way from head to toe, fitting close and flexible to fit anybody. Sizes are available in both kids' and adult's. The elastic closure keeps the suit secure during acrobatics and daring jumps, and the mask can be removed to reveal your true identity, if, that is, you are prepared to show it.

1 Iron Spider Jacket

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This is a limited edition item, created to celebrate the 1963 comic debut of The Avengers. It is inspired by the Iron Spider suit featured in the film Avengers: Infinity War. Only 1,963 of these jackets exist in the world, to match the year of the comic's print debut. The jacket has subtle stitching that depicts the Spider logo, to match the Iron Spider suit's design.

As a limited edition piece, this is an addition to your collection that you won't regret. It also looks awesome wearing it on a night out, with a low-key design that doesn't scream memorabilia, so you can still blend in and play it cool.

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