Spider-Man: 10 Marvel Heroes You Didn't Know Carnage Fought

Throughout the history of Marvel Comics, and especially Spider-Man centered stories, Carnage has served as one of the most terrifying villains in the universe. Although the symbiote killer more famously finds himself pitted against the web-slinger, there's been plenty of times where he's found a fight against other heroes.

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With an overall goal of complete power, Carnage has never experienced a shortage of powered people trying to take him down. As one of the most dangerous villains of all-time, he also typically doesn't have a problem taking down his enemies. Dating back to Carnage's 1992 inception and in preparation for the remainder of the Absolute Carnage event, here's a look at ten of the most famous Marvel heroes that have tried to take down the evil symbiote.

10 Iron Fist

The Maximum Carnage event is one of the most famous villain-centered complete works in Marvel history. The 14-part epic pits Carnage against a handful of heroes and mainly Spider-Man and Venom. One of the ground-level heroes that attempt to take down the symbiote creature is the Immortal Iron Fist. In the 11th part of the story, Amazing Spider-Man 380, a small team of heroes assembles to stop the chaos that Carnage has orchestrated in New York City.

As one of the more recognizable characters on this team, Iron Fist never really gets an actual crack at Carnage. Instead, he's primarily helping take down Carnage's partners, including his lover Shriek along with the Demogoblin, Carrion, and Spider-Doppelganger. However, that's all part of a grand effort to get to Carnage and thwart his plan to overtake the city.

9 Cloak and Dagger

The incredible duo Ty Johnson (Cloak) and Tandy Bowen (Dagger) were another critical part of the hero group trying to take down Carnage in the latter part of Maximum Carnage.

Similar to Iron Fist, Cloak and Dagger are hugely responsible for stopping Carnage's team. While Carnage does ultimately show up to face the heroes that defeated his companions, the rest of the fighting is left to Spider-Man and Venom. At the end of the day, Cloak and Dagger, along with many others, played a massive part in bringing down Carnage's defenses and clearing the way for the final blow.

8 Wolverine

During one of the best crossover series of all-time, we see an epic team-up of Spider-Man and the X-Men set back in the 1990s. The story takes place at the same time as the famous Onslaught and Clone Saga events, and show us some altered versions of our favorite heroes.

In Spider-Man and X-Men #3, we finally see one of the most epic battles of all-time. Wolverine, rocking his bone claws as opposed to his adamantium ones, comes face to face with Cletus Kasady's Carnage. In a very twisted series of events, Wolverine has his claws literally bitten off by Carnage. Although it's safe to say Logan lost this fight, it was still incredible to see him face off against such a powerful villain like Carnage.

7 Deathlok

Once again pulling from Maximum Carnage storyline, this time issue #10, the cyberspace soldier Deathlok took part in helping take down Carnage and his associates.

Although Luther Manning is typically recognized as a villain across Marvel comics, his role in this issue is certainly one of the heroic variety. Like Iron Fist along with Cloak and Dagger, Deathlok doesn't have the opportunity to take the kill shot at Carnage but was instrumental in bringing him down.

6 Ghost Rider

With Carnage hunting down the former symbiote hosts in order to make contact with the symbiote god Knull, there are more than a few heroes in danger. One of those heroes is Ghost Rider Alejandra Jones. In order to keep Carnage from getting a hold of her, fellow Ghost Rider Danny Ketch has no choice but to take up the mantle once again to protect her.

In the epic Absolute Carnage: Symbiote of Vengence Vol. 1 from Ed Brisson, Ghost Rider and Carnage show us one of the best battles between two demonic characters.

5 Mr. Fantastic

When Carnage attacks, it usually takes more than just one hero to take him down. As we know, Spider-Man is often at the front line against any symbiote creature.

As a common source of assistance for the web-slinger, the Fantastic Four's leader Reed Richards always answers the call. One of the premier geniuses of the Marvel Universe, Mr. Fantastic offers backup against Carnage by helping design sonic weapons. Thanks to his friendship with Spider-Man and technological expertise, Richards has come face to face with Carnage on more than one occasion.

4 Captain America

Let's revisit Maximum Carnage one more time. We've already covered the fact that a team of heroes comes to the rescue to help Spider-Man take down Carnage. Well, that team obviously needed a leader and just so happened to have THE leader of the Marvel Universe.

That's right, Captain America was the first one to answer the call when Carnage unleashed havoc on New York. Cap is set to take on Carnage once again during the Absolute Carnage event, but this time was his first official bout against the evil symbiote.

3 Iron Man

Throughout the majority of the 2011 Carnage storyline from Zeb Wells and Clayton Crain, Tony Stark's Iron Man plays a massive role. As Carnage tries to unleash chaos once again, Spider-Man and Iron Man are tasked with bringing him down. Meanwhile, Shriek reverts back to her old murderous ways and her psychiatrist Tanis Nieves transforms into the villainous Scorn.

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It's also worth mentioning that Tony Stark and Peter Parker have to bring down Mass Carnage, who's assimilated the bodies of four soldiers using symbiote-infused armor. Although they weren't really successful in bringing down Carnage, Iron Man was crucial in this fight. With so many enemies simultaneously against him, there's no way Spider-Man could've taken them down without the help of Stark's repulsor blasts and hacking abilities.

2 Nova

Sam Alexander, the 15 year-old version of Nova who takes over the mantle from his father, surprisingly comes into contact with Cletus Kasady for the second time in Nova Vol. 5 Issue #26. As a result of the Axis storyline, Carnage, along with a slew of other villains, is turned into a good guy, where he briefly works alongside Nova. During that time, Nova accidentally reveals his secret identity to Cletus.

In an attempt to erase all memories of his good tendencies, Carnage attacks Sam's school. The two square off in an epic fight, where Nova battles through the fact that his helmet is slightly damaged from a past bout with the Hulk. In the end, Nova takes care of Carnage and in a very Spidey-like move, just drops him off at a prison.

1 Deadpool

Carnage and the merc with a mouth actually have an extensive history against one another. The four-part Deadpool vs. Carnage series from Cullen Bunn and Glenn Fabry is basically just an elongated fight between the two psychos.

Although for the earlier part of the series Carnage holds the upper hand on Deadpool, constantly beating him one-on-one, Wade Wilson does eventually find a way to beat Kasady. Unfortunately, the only way for him to do that is by allowing symbiotes to take over his body. Of any Marvel hero, Deadpool probably always had the best chance against an enemy as powerful as Carnage, thanks to him being nearly impossible to kill.

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