EXCL: Spider-Man, Captain America & More Marvel Legacy Primer Pages


As part of Marvel Comics' current Legacy initiative, the publisher is releasing three-page "Primer" stories designed to bring newcomers up to date on the various heroes and villains in the Marvel Universe. Today, CBR has the exclusive debut of seven of these tales starring Spider-Man, Captain America, Captain Marvel and more.

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Each story is written by Robbie Thompson, with different artists handling illustration duties. America is illustrated by David Lopez; Black Panther is illustrated by Wilfredo Torres; Captain America and Spider-Man are illustrated by Valerio Schiti; Captain Marvel is illustrated by Brent Schoonover; Guardians of the Galaxy is illustrated by Marcus To; and Jean Grey is illustrated by Mark Bailey.

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For the most part, the stories are fairly straightforward origin stories combined with career highlights, though some do tease a little bit of what's to come. The Guardians tale, for example, introduces Ant-Man (Scott Lang) to the team, even though readers have yet to see him join. The captain America tale, on the other hand, sticks to the hero's classic origin, more or less ignoring the recent events of Secret Empire.

You can check out all seven three-page stories in the galleries below.

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