Amazing Spider-Man 2's Felicity Jones Wants a Shot at Playing Black Cat

Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat, is one of the most definitive supporting characters in the Spider-Man universe. However, despite her high standing with fans, she's never had a full-blown appearance in any of the Spider-Man films, and while Felicity Jones did briefly appear as the character in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, she never donned the Black Cast costume or identity.

Nevertheless, it seems Jones still wants to tackle the part. During an interview with Yahoo Movies, Jones was asked about her former role in the Spider-Man franchise. She revealed that while she never got to make the switch over to the Black Cat role itself, she'd love the chance to reclaim the character.

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“I’d love to play her again," Jones explained. "She’s a great character. There was never anything written down that that would definitely happen. It was more just… I like playing characters where there is a little bit extra to play with and it was just fun to play someone who has this other identity. I just loved the idea of that character, I just think it’s really fun.”

While Black Cat was briefly considered for a team-up film between her and fellow Spider-Universe femme fatale Silver Sable, that film has reportedly been scrapped while solo films for the characters are in development.

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