Spider-Man's Batman/Catwoman Proposal Joke is Surprisingly Emotional

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #300 by Chip Zdarsky, Goran Parlov and Giada Marchisio, on sale now.

Spider-Man's marriage to Mary Jane Watson may have been erased from Marvel Comics continuity, but what if he walked down the aisle with another woman? And what if the proposal involved a subtle jab at another power couple, DC Comics' Batman and Catwoman?

In a never-before-seen flashback tale in Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #300, Chip Zdarsky, Goran Parlov and Giada Marchisio take readers back to one of Spider-Man's adventures as he pursues the Black Cat after one of her various heists. The only questions are how do Spider-Man and Black Cat go from a crime being committed to thoughts of marriage, and how does it all tie to the Bat and the Cat?

I Don't Want To Sell This

The story begins in the present-day, with Black Cat and her crew contemplating their next step after completing a job. A stooge comes across a Canary diamond ring that he feels they could get a fortune for, but Felicia Hardy quickly shoots the idea down. As she looks longingly at the ring, it's obvious there's something special about it, which lead's to Black Cat reminiscing about a time when Spider-Man was hot on her trail atop a roof.

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Spider-Man is able to stop Black Cat, which sparks a conversation between the two regarding the merits of risking jail time for a ring that's made of cubic zirconia. The thief begins to question the meaning behind why they're constantly running around in circles -- Does Black Cat steal just to have Spider-Man chase her? And does Spider-Man chase Black Cat because of a feeling of what they could have together as a couple?

Will You Marry Me?

Out of nowhere, Black Cat reaches into her bag and pulls out the ring she just stole, drops to a knee, and proposes to Spider-Man. For once in his long career, the web-slinger is left speechless as he's only able to mutter, "I don't... what..." This was enough of a distraction to take out the hero's Spider-Sense, allowing Black Cat to take out his leg and get away.

Though it wasn't a real proposal from Black Cat, the act was enough to stun Spider-Man and leave him an emotional wreck, which is understandable since it's not every day someone asks you to marry them. Also, there was a time when Black Cat and Spider-Man were a legitimate item, so he obviously had feelings for the criminal. We'll never know if Spider-Man would have said yes, which is probably the saddest possible outcome.

The Spider And The Cat Do Their Best Bat/Cat Impersonation

The purpose behind this Spider-Man and Black Cat scene is to act as a callback to Batman asking Catwoman to marry him in Batman #24. Both take place on a rooftop, with a full moon behind Spider-Man/Black Cat, and the Bat symbol behind Batman/Catwoman. Also, Catwoman and Batman take the left hand of the person they're proposing to. Another similarity is Catwoman and Black Cat are both jewelry thieves, and are fans of feline monikers.

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Of course, the DC heroes are currently planning their nuptials, while Spider-Man and Black Cat are nowhere close to being a couple. One has to wonder if the Spider-Man/Black Cat power couple ever became a real thing, what that would have meant for Mary Jane. Could Spider-Man convince Black Cat to give up a life of crime and join the good guys? What about kids? Or, perhaps the most important question when it comes to Spider-Man's alter ego Peter Parker -- What would be Aunt May's opinion of Felicia Hardy?

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