Spider-Man's [SPOILER] Tries to Deal with the Ultimate Betrayal

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Spider-Man #2 by J.J. Abrams, Henry Abrams, Sara Pichelli and Dave Stewart, on sale Wednesday, Oct. 16.

The Spider-Man miniseries by the father-son duo of J.J. Abrams and Henry Abrams, alongside artists Sara Pichelli and Dave Stewart has put a new spin on the web-slinger's mythos with the introduction of Ben Parker. Benny is the son of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson, though the boy never gets the chance to bond with Mary Jane after she's killed by a new villain named Cadaverous.

Peter never recovered after the loss of his wife and retired from being Spider-Man. Now, Ben is a high school student who has to juggle burgeoning powers he never knew he had, along with all that comes with adolescence. As the first issue came to a close, Ben's Great-Aunt May showed him a box of his father's belongings, which included Peter's Spider-Man costume.

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This understandably threw Ben for a loop, since he believes his father abandoned him. Peter left Ben with Aunt May and went off to start a career across the country. Of course, Peter is trying to escape the harsh memories of failing his deceased wife, but that's not how Ben perceives his father's actions. A preview of Spider-Man #2 follows Ben and Aunt May's conversation, as he starts to wonder if he will ever forgive Peter.

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Ben goes so far as to call Peter a freak and a coward -- harsh words to come from a person's own son. Some of Ben's frustration can be attributed to having to deal with all these bombshell revelations he has learned within the last few days. He has extraordinary abilities, his father is Spider-Man and he's the person responsible for his mother's death. Those are a lot of emotions to try and get a grip on at one time.

Thankfully, everything isn't awful for Ben -- he met a girl named Faye Ito while serving detention. The preview ends with Ben running into Faye at school, while he is still ruminating over the Spider-Man news. She's excited after finding out Ben is the one who sent the school bully through a classroom door. In fact, she's so impressed that she wants to know what Ben has planned for after school. One request for an address, and we're left to wonder if Ben and Faye will be the new hot item at school -- or if she will be the next target for the mysterious Cadaverous.

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