Comic Legends: Is Spider-Man Seriously Not Allowed to Drink Beer?

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Spider-Man cannot be shown drinking a beer.


Appears to be True

Just recently, CBR's own Chris Chan Roberson did a list about rules that Marvel writers have to follow. Among them was a note that Spider-Man cannot drink a beer. Reader Will C. wrote in to ask if that was a real thing.


It appears so, yes.

We have seen Peter Parker get drunk before, including one time that he drank a lot at Aunt May's wedding (this was later revealed that he didn't actually drink any champagne that night, but just thought that he was drinking champagne, so he convinced himself that he was drunk. Still, he THOUGHT he was drinking champagne)...

As far as I can recall, though, I don't believe I've ever seen Spider-Man drink a beer.

In Amazing Spider-Man #658, he was shown drinking milk at a bar...

Even in a more explicit comic book like Wolverine (which had a higher content rating than Spider-Man's regular series), no drinking...


In the contract that Marvel made with Sony for the Spider-Man movies, part of the deal insisted that Spider-Man never drink a beer.

And Paul Scheer told the Hollywood Reporter that when he tried to have Spider-Man drink a beer in a Spider-Man/Deadpool issue that he wrote, Marvel told him that Spider-Man could not drink a beer.

So I'm thinking that Spider-Man cannot drink a beer nowadays.

What I'm interested in, though, has Spider-Man EVER had a beer in the comics? I know he's had other type of alcholic beverages, but I mean specifically a beer. Either as Spider-Man or as Peter Parker. Drop me a line at brianc@cbr.com if you find an example!


Thanks to Paul Scheer and Aaron Couch of the Hollywood Reporter for the fascinating piece of information!

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