'Spider-Man' Animated Series Cast To Reunite for New Project

The cast from the '90s Spider-Man animated series are set to reunite for a new crowdfunded project. According to The Hollywood Reporter, "the animated project would be titled Rocket Men, which would harken back to retro-pulp style of something like The Rocketeer."

THR covered the announcement that was made by John Semper Jr. -- producer and head writer of the Spider-Man animated series -- Saturday during a Comikaze Expo panel celebrating the memorable '90s take on the Webhead.

The new project will bring together Christopher Daniel Barnes, who voiced Peter Parker, along with the rest of the cartoon's supporting cast, including Ed Asner who voiced J. Jonah Jameson and Jennifer Hale who played Felicia Hardy/Black Cat.

Lasting 65 episodes over five seasons on FOX -- from 1994-1998 -- the Spider-Man animated series was the second longest running Marvel cartoon, after the '90's X-Men series.

As the campaign to fund Rocket Men gears up, Semper will be posting updates on his Facebook page, as well as CartoonSpiderman.com -- a site dedicated to showing the behind-the-scenes production of Spider-Man.

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