Spider-Man Amazed Kids At Atomic Comics

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Mesa, Ariz. – Atomic Comics, the Southwest's leading comic book retailer, joined comic book retailers nationwide with another tremendously successful Free Comic Book Day! Thousand of fans received their Free comic books at the four Atomic Comics Phoenix area locations and had the opportunity to meet with several of the industry's hottest talents including writer Ed Brubaker (Daredevil, Captain America and X-Men), artist Michael Lark (Batman, Captain America, Daredevil), writer Daniel Way (Wolverine: Origin, Wolverine, Venom, Ghost Rider), artist Steve Dillon (Wolverine: Origin, Preacher, Judge Dredd, The Punisher, Hellblazer) who made the trip all the way from London, England, acclaimed novelist Charlie Huston (Moon Knight), artists Mike Kunkel (creator of Herobear and the Kid and Disney animator), artist Scott Kolins (Flash, Avengers, Annihilation Prologue), artist Patrick Scherberger (Marvel Adventures Spider-Man, Fantastic Four & Hulk), artist Chris Giarrusso (Spider-Man Mini Marvels), creator James Owen (Starchild) and a dozen regional creators.

Atomic Comics owner, Michael Malve, said, "This year we focused heavily on making sure every customer had the opportunity to spend time with each creator and Spider-Man. We trimmed back the advertising budget so we could put more into service and staff levels. The initial feedback from the customers has been tremendous." Writer Ed Brubaker agreed, "Free Comic Book Day at Atomic Comics was one of the most enjoyable days I've had in my professional career. Malve and his staff know how to work this event and they went all out. I and the other pros invited all had a great time, and we got to meet and talk to tons of fans. There were even little kids there, and it wasn't their first time in the store. To me, that's a great sign for the future of the industry." Novelist Charlie Huston added, "High point of Free Comic Book Day? It's a toss up between meeting all the fans, especially the kids, at Atomic Comics, and store owner Mike Malve holding me down and force feeding me great Mexican food and tequila."

Free Comic Book Day has been one of the best ideas for our industry in recent years. Its ability to attract and show new people the wonders of comic books is simply amazing. Atomic Comics would like to thank everyone involved in Free Comic Book Day from its inventors to the creators, publishers, distributors and those comic book retailers who help to make this a huge annual event. What a way to kick of the 2006 summer blockbuster comic season!

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