Spider-Man: 10 Alternate Versions of His Origin, Ranked


Spider-Man has always been one of Marvel’s most popular characters. Following the character’s iconic origin, he was quickly made into a very relatable and loveable character that has inspired millions of fans across the world.

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Because of his popular backstory though, other Marvel writers have constantly offered different takes on it, sometimes showing how minor tweaks can lead to a whole new Spider-Man entirely. Looking at some of those key differences, here is our list of 10 alternate versions of Spider-Man’s origin, ranked.

10 Season 1

Marvel’s Season 1 titles were meant to modernize a lot of character’s backstories to provide new readers with a place to start. Unfortunately, most of them just didn’t do much in terms of differentiating them from the original versions. With Spider-Man Season 1, anyone who is familiar with the character isn’t really introduced to anything new.

While a modern origin for him is nice, the book simply doesn’t do much to stand apart from other takes on Peter’s journey. While the book itself isn’t a terrible read (and better than some other Season 1 books), there are far better modern takes on Spider-Man’s origin out there.

9 House of M

Spider-Man’s House of M origin is actually very similar to his origins from the comic. However, in this world, Mutants are the superior species, while humans are the lesser one. Because of this, Peter spent years telling people that his powers are actually a mutant ability, and not derived from a radioactive spider bite.

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Because of his lifestyle, Uncle Ben is actually alive and Peter himself is married to Gwen Stacy. Furthermore, the two even have a child together and Peter himself is a public celebrity. However, despite his happy life, Peter is continually haunted by the lie, while also knowing that something isn’t right with the universe itself. The mental strain on Peter eventually causes him to snap, turning him into the Green Goblin. While this twist isn’t every reader’s favorite, it is still an interesting take on the character’s origins.

8 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

One of the greatest things about Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) was in how faithful it was to each and every individual character. For a completely original story, the movie expertly combines the origins of several key spider people, including three different versions of Peter Parker.

Every treatment of Peter in the film has its slight differences from the comic book version. However, the film makes its tweaks in a very calculated manner that are still believable with the character and also help push the narrative forward. While Peter himself isn’t even the main character in the film, it is still one of the best alternate takes on his origin yet seen.

7 Spider-Gwen

While Gwen Stacy is certainly very different from Peter Parker, she is still the main spider person of her earth, making it an alternate version of the character’s origin nonetheless. On Earth 65, Gwen Stacy is actually the person to get bitten by the radioactive spider instead of Peter, leading her to become Spider-Woman.

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Unfortunately, this, in turn, led Peter down a much darker path and resulted in him becoming the Lizard instead of Curt Conners. In this universe, Peter’s death is actually what taught Gwen that with great power comes great responsibility. Since then the character has starred in a highly successful solo series of her own. Considering her origins, it makes sense that she would be one of the more popular spider people around.

6 Spider-Man 1602

Spider-Man 1602

Marvel 1602 offers an interesting look at the Marvel Universe if it were set in a Shakespearian style. Here, Peter Parquagh is “The Spider.” However, he actually played a larger role in the universe even before being bitten by a spider. After his parents die, Peter is raised by his aunt and uncle, until Nick Fury takes him in and brings him on missions.

Eventually, Peter acquires spider powers and sets off on his own adventures. In the series, Marvel 1602: Spider-Man, far more details of his origins are explained. Furthermore, different and unique versions of Kingpin, Doc Ock, and Green Goblin are all seen. While it is not the best alternate take on Spider-Man’s origin ever, there is still a lot of different and unique details that make the 1602 version of the character well worth checking out.

5 Spider-Man 2099

In the year 2099, Miguel O’Hara holds the mantle of Spider-Man. After some shady dealings go down between Miguel and an Alchemax executive, Miguel is exposed to a highly addictive drug that bonds itself to him. However, something went wrong, and Miguel’s previous experiments with Alchemax helped transform him into the Spider-Man of the future.

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As a much more distinct take on “Spider-Man’s” origin, Miguel’s is significantly darker than Peter’s. Thankfully, he continues to use his abilities to fight evil, thanks to the example set by Peter many years prior.

4 Noir

Marvel’s Noir titles explore significantly darker versions of the characters in a universe that is also set in the past. In this universe, Peter Parker is still Spider-Man though he isn’t bitten by a radioactive spider. Instead, it is an illegally-imported spider that gives him his abilities. Like many other versions of the character, Spider-Man Noir quickly learns that with great power, comes great responsibility following the death of his Uncle Ben.

While this version of Peter is a fan favorite, he is still a bit different from the original in other ways. For example, Spider-Man Noir can shoot organic webs from his wrists, rather than relying on web-shooters. Furthermore, he is typically seen carrying a gun as well, as a means of fitting in with the darker universe. Despite the changes to this version, he is still one of the more popular takes on Peter Parker.

3 Spidey

Spidey is a more recent series centered on Peter Parker’s early days as the web-head. While it is not canon, most of the changes that it makes are in Peter’s experiences, rather than his actual origin. While it is still a very modern take on the character, seeing him interact with other heroes and villains for the first time in a modern setting is really where the charm of the series comes from.

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Spidey covers everything from his first encounter with foes like Green Goblin, all the way to his awkward first steps in his relationship with Gwen Stacy. Though it may not be the most distinct origin story for the character, it is still one of the best interpretations of Peter Parker, especially for fans of his younger years.

2 Ultimate Spider-Man (Peter)

Like Spidey, Ultimate Spider-Man focused on a much younger version of Peter Parker. However, this take on the hero made some significant changes to Spider-Man’s backstory throughout its entire run. In this version, the spider that bites Peter is the result of an Oscorp experiment. Likewise, Uncle Ben dies after a home invasion, rather than a street mugging. Furthermore, Mary Jane is Peter’s girlfriend for the duration of the series instead of Gwen Stacy.

Despite some key differences, fans really took to this newer take on Peter Parker. While certain things about the series are now dated, readers who preferred the younger take could read Ultimate Spider-Man, while readers who liked the older, more experienced Peter could stick with titles like Amazing Spider-Man.

1 Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles)

Miles Morales has easily become the most popular alternate take on Spider-Man. Shortly before Ultimate Peter met an untimely end, Miles was bitten by another spider from Oscorp in the company’s attempt to recreate Spider-Man. After Peter’s death, Miles realized that the world still needed a Spider-Man, so he set out to make a difference himself.

Unlike Peter, Miles’ uncle is revealed to be the villain, the Prowler, and both of his parents are still alive (at first). While the two origins share a spider bite, virtually everything else about them is very different. Considering the differences, it is easy to see why such a compelling character like Miles has become such a popular take on Spider-Man.

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