Spider-Man: 10 Adorable Pieces of Mary Jane Fan Art

Mary Jane Watson (or Watson-Parker depending on your timeline) is one of the most popular non-powered Marvel characters of all time. Since her full debut in Amazing Spider-Man in 1966, after a partial debut in 1965, she has won over Spider-Man's and audience's hearts and minds whether it was as a party girl, a wife, a model or Tony Stark's right-hand woman.

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Despite this fact, there is an alarmingly small amount of fan art of this female badass. From the depths of a pile of grossly sexualized depictions of a smart, capable, caring woman, here are 10 adorable pieces of fan art of this iconic human hero.

10 They're Lesbians by LooneyFrechie

Jumping straight (or not so straight) into the fantastical, @looneyfrechie on Tumblr created this doubly fictional piece featuring the woman of the hour and Gwen Stacy of Earth-65, otherwise known as Ghost Spider and several other arachnid themed alter egos. Two of the most badass spider females in the universe wrapped into one love centric art piece.

The beauty of fan art is being able to bring to life that which writers and artists have withheld from their audiences. This cute-tastic MJ piece is a total realization of that concept and brings to life all of the best parts of fan art.

9 Weeeeee by Amanda MacFarlane

Though in the initial image Spider-Man swings above her on his web, the important part of this fan art is the absolutely adorable depiction of Mary Jane Watson as she watches the love of her life fly by.

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MJ and Spidey have had their ups and downs, they've survived timelines, franchise switches, death and loss and, still, there are times when their relationship does not survive it all. However, there is no question if the MJ in this fan art is in love with the web-slinging super boy. The answer is depicted in her beautifully drawn eyes and smile. Catch the artist, Amanda MacFarlane, on Instagram: @theanimatedlife.

8 Spinneret by Pablo Mejia

Despite the minimal presence Spinneret has in the comics, the massive impact MJ's masked alias made is evident in the amount of fan art made of her. Featured in Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows, Spinneret is Mary Jane Watson-Parker from Earth 18119. A mother, a business owner and, now, a superhero, she takes on the cape to protect her daughter, Annie, who was granted the same powers as her father.

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This depiction worked its way onto a 'most adorable' list with the playful way MJ enjoys her first time as a superhero. Mouth ajar in joy, no one looks more happy to have their powers. Artist Pablo Mejia and the full image can be found on ArtStation.

7 Inktober by Mela Pagayonan

One of the best parts of this very unique piece by Mela Pagayonan or, @blackdaisies as they are known on Instagram and at blackdaisies.com , could be the way her eyes are absolutely just owning Peter. Or, the way she is dressed so casually for someone whose main career aspirations are in fashion. But, rather than those original facets, the truly unique characteristic is her emphasis on the foundational features of MJ with bright red hair and practically glowing green eyes.

This piece feels like a modern love story between two classic characters and it is so important that the artist included parts of MJ that are true to her original character.

6 It's The Thought That Counts by Markee Shadows

If there is an image that better describes the early days of Peter Parker and party girl Mary Jane Watson, it is scarce to be found. For Peter, his affections for the ginger bombshell was very nearly love at first sight, even if audiences couldn't see his true love until 17 issues later.

Comic-Con frequenting artist Markee Shadows (found at MarkeeShadowsArt.com and all social media) captured the early feelings of their relationship that date all the way back to 1965 with one simple, Peter Parker true gesture. The bubbly character art and cartoony features is just icing on the adorableness cake.

5  Stitches by Miguel Mercado

Teamwork is something you should be able to see in any relationship. It is common knowledge that MJ Watson-Parker, even when it was still Watson, did not always fawn over the idea of her man putting himself in mortal danger to save the fate of the world on a daily basis. This piece stands out since it shows them in it together, fighting the good fight as a pair. Not to mention how adorable her face is all screwed up in concentration.

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Artist Miguel Mercado, whose magnificent fan art can be found under his name on ArtStation, captured Peter and Mary Jane as a mature couple, keeping the people of NY safe one stitch at a time.

4 Off the Shoulder by Todd Nauck

Todd Nauck's piece is unique on this list since Nauck has actually drawn Spidey professionally. Known for his time on Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Nauck can be found on ToddNauck.com and all major social media. His love for the characters goes deep enough that he makes renditions of them for Comic Cons on top of his career as a comic book artist.

This original piece ventures away from a classic comic book style and is not necessarily anything audiences would find in a book printed by Marvel. None the less, it captures all the most adorable elements of one of their most iconic female characters.

3 Another Spinneret by Chrissie Zullo

Though only hinted at it in the included version of this piece Chrissie Zullo created for New York Comic Con, this piece leaped its way onto the list with the soft accenting Spiderman heart in the background. As well as, of course, with MJ's massive cartoony eyes as she completely works her Spinneret costume.

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Not everyone can superhero and look cute doing it (ask the Hulk) but, especially in this piece, Zullo brings Mary Jane's cuteness to new levels. Find Zullo on all major social media @Chrissie_Zullo. This sweet blend of Earth 18119 Mary Jane with her original counterpart should be a staple on any list of adorable MJ pieces.

2 Peter and MJ - A True Love by Spidertof

MJ is many things. A model. A career woman. In some universe, a mother. A woman that has learned to prioritize herself. However, one pretty major part of MJ that cannot be ignored is her love for Peter. When discussing this character, Stan Lee talks about not being able to control his own characters because no matter how much they wanted Gwen Stacy to be his love interest the characters always seemed pulled together.

This piece created by Spidertof on DeviantArt dives headfirst into the destined love between Mary Jane and Peter. Viewers can feel the way even Marvel great Stan Lee could not keep them apart.

1 Partners by Syrenami

Syrenami (found on Tumblr or Instagram) stated when posting this drawing,  "I’ve never been a fan of Mary Jane because she’s always been portrayed as the typical damsel in distress who couldn’t do anything, but I love her in Spider-man PS4." In this super cute adaptation of an adaptation, the artist completely captures all the things she has found to love about the character.

With the character dressed to comfort, she takes a power position in front of Spidey while fully embracing one of her many, multifaceted passions with her camera in hand. To top it all off, she gave her a colorful, effeminate art style. This piece may be listed last but it is right up there with the cutest pieces drawn of MJ.

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