Spider-Man 4, Watchmen, Red Sonja: August 7the Comic Reel


That's no typo -- there will be a sequel. Seeking Alpha sat in on an earnings conference where Marvel revealed that Sony has paid them an advance on the next installment for Peter Parker. Chief Financial Officer, Kenneth West told reporters, "During this quarter, we did receive the $5 million advance associated with 'Spider-Man 4.' That keeps Sony in line with actually releasing this picture within the normal time period."


Yahoo! Movies has posted a new video journal from the production, looking at the Owlship. Actor Dan Payne talked to Watchmen Comic Movie about playing Dollar Bill. "The story is told in flashback to let the audience know how the Watchmen came about," Payne said. "I filmed for about four days. But it was pretty cool because he did some DVD extras, a sort of 'meet the superheroes, behind-scenes' thing. I won't spill too much about it. But it's pretty funny and cool."


CBR News has a special report on the film, centering on writer David N. White and director Douglas Aarniokoski.


Actor/director/screenwriter Seth Rogen told MTV a little about his plans for the film. "I think the tone is very real, but the relationships in the movie are where we try to draw our comedy from," he said. "I think it's somewhere in a 'True Lies' type world almost, with big exciting action but the relationships are all very personal, and that's where a lot of the comedy comes from."


According to Toon Zone, "Lionsgate has penciled in a January 13th, 2009 release date for the DVD and Blu-Ray release of the direct-to-video 'Hulk Versus' animated feature. Following that, Lionsgate is planning to release the animated direct-to-video anthology title 'Thor: Tales of Asgard' in September 2009."


Suck on that, Parker -- according to Box Office Mojo the Bat-sequel has superceded the entire financial run of the former number one comic book adaptation in nineteen days.


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