Spider-Man 4, Scott Pilgrim, Thor: Oct 13th Comic Reel


Sam Raimi spoke with MTV News about the fourth film. As each film has examined Peter Parker's emerging sense of responsibility, the director says the film will be about "the growth of that understanding, that it encompasses more than just his sense of duty toward others but he also has a sense of responsibility as a human being toward the ones he loves."

Starring Toeby Maguire, release date: May 5th, 2011


Makingof.com (via Superhero Hype) talks to actress Aubrey Plaza about her role as Julie Powers in the film.

Starring Michael Cera and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, release date: 2010


Various sites are pointing to CBR's coverage of the Baltimore Comic-Con. Specifically, a moment at the Marvel Universe panel where Brian Michael Bendis reveals this item: "I was reading the new script just last night. Very, very good."

Starring Chris Hemsworth, release date: May 20th, 2011


Eliza Dushku discusses the "Internet fantasy" of the Wonder Woman film with MTV News. While the actress has no particular interest in the role, she wouldn't mind trying out for the part if the film ever approaches being a reality.

Release date: TBA


According to The Playlist (via Collider), Gary Ross, the potential director of the film, will first direct "Matt Helm" before taking on "Venom." Their source says, "'Venom' is a ways off and will have to wait, 'Matt Helm,' is coming first and is being scheduled to shoot in the summer of 2010 if all goes according to plan."

Release date: TBA


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