Spider-Man 4, Heroes, TMNT, Transformers: March 16th Comic Reel Wrap


Actress Kirsten Dunst talked to Superhero Hype about sequel possibilities. "Well, I think Sam has dedicated so much of his life, like more than ten years, to the 'Spider-Man' franchise with so much passion and love, the man is burnt out at this time," she said. "I think he needs a long vacation to put his creativity towards something else and then maybe we'll revisit it. I told Sam that we should do a 'Spider-Man 4' that's completely low budget -- 'Evil Dead' style -- where Mary Jane has eight children with very little special effects and then we'll get a whole new audience, we'd make a lot of money because it wouldn't cost as much and everyone would go see it ... We would all do it together because Sam, Tobey and I are a team now, but there's no way it's going to happen very soon. I just can't imagine that. We don't have the story to tell right now."

Superhero Hype also has the international poster for "Spider-Man 3" available for viewing.


Right here at CBR we've got pictures from the April 23rd episode ".07 Percent." Of course, there may be some spoilers in there ...


Movies.com has posted some new video clips mixed in with the ones we saw Wednesday.


If you were wandering in the forums at Celebutopia you might have found some new photos from the Michael Bay-helmed Hasbro adaptation. But why bother when you can just find the link here?

Speaking of forums, the ones at Seibertron.com have an interview with Alan Dean Foster, who wrote two novelizations for the film. "Since I have no perception of 'the old 80's cartoon,' never having watched it," Foster said, "I was able to deal with the characters in the script just as they were written. I tried to visualize both the robotic and human characters as just that ... characters. Bearing in mind that the Transformers are intelligent machines, I felt it important never to lose sight of the fact that they are both aliens and individuals. I tried very hard to emphasize their characteristics as individuals, their personalities, just as I would with human characters. All of which is based, of course, on the screenwriters' conceptions of them."


More heavy metal? Well, actor Terrence Howard was interviewed by Dark Horizons and briefly discussed the Robert Downey-fueled Marvel pic. "I'm the liaison between Stark's Enterprises and the military in the department of acquisitions," Howard said. "It's a huge movie, something I've never really experienced before."


Speaking of armored guys, Julian McMahon also talked to Dark Horizons about sequels past this one. "I have another one in my contract," McMahon said, "also applicable to the fact of whether they think it works or whether they want him back and all that kind of stuff so it just depends on how this next movie goes I guess. My contract is a little bit different to everybody else's in the fact that my third one is I get to do Fantastic Four or just another movie for Fox. So time will tell and we'll see what happens with that one."


Kryptonsite has screen captures of the trailer for the March 22nd episode, "Combat."


The official blog has an update on writing the third animated feature. "I'm heading into the action climax of the script. Because animation requires the writer to direct on the page, I can't simply say, 'they fight.' That's possible in a feature film where the writer is a guy with a story sketch pad and 4 x 8 foot bulletin boards to fill, but in anything like television production you have to give the overworked storyboard artist something to start with. And you can't write, 'Hellboy hits the monster. The monster hits him back.' You have to break the action down into detail. 'Hellboy hits the monster with his big right hand which ripples the octopus-like mass of its body. Hellboy smiles. 'How did that fee--' BAM! A tentacle smacks him out of the shot. Hellboy smacks up against the wall, chipping the granite. He lands in a heap at the bottom. 'Crap.'"


The Pulse interviewed screenwriter John August who had some initial thoughts on taking on the rumors about casting. "It's ridiculous to talk about casting this early. And honestly, frustrating. While I love me some internet, it's annoying that one fanboy's random speculation gets amplified into a 'rumor' that can never really be beaten down. Just my saying this will probably show up as 'August confirms ...' or 'August denies ...' when the truth is I'm saying nothing, because there's nothing to say. Casting has come up exactly zero times in all meetings to date. And Billy Batson is not shaving, if that helps."


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