Spider-Man 4, Couriers, Heroes, Wonder Woman: January 22nd Comic Reel Wrap


The note above is not a typo -- according to Superhero Hype, Spider-Man screenwriter David Koepp is in talks with Sony Pictures to write a fourth film for Marvel's web spinner before the third has even hit the silver screen. Koepp is not signed yet, but the site's sources claim that the studio is definitely moving forward with another installment.

Could a villain already be planned? Actor Dylan Baker talked to If Magazine with a smidgen about getting green and scaly for a new installment. "In this one I am still in my business suit and that's all I'll say. I'm kind of the guy that Peter Parker needs to come to whenever he has those quandaries about what's going on," said Baker. But then continues on to explain, "All I can say is we're going to see a lot more of [me] at some point if what Sam says is true, and Sam is the guy who knows, so I am sticking with him."

Back to Superhero Hype, they have an article catching up with producer Grant Curtis about the film we'll see before "4." Curtis said that director Sam Raimi and team are spending several hours a day creating the special effects currently and that there are literally hundreds of people around the world working on the film, but dodged the sequel question.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, Rogue Pictures and Intrepid Pictures have picked up the movie rights to "Couriers," a series of action graphic novels, and have set writer Javier Grillo-Marxuach to adapt. Marc Evans and Trevor Macy of Intrepid are producing. Thanks to Larry Young for the 411 on that one.


Right here at CBR, you can find a handful of video clips from tonight's episode, "Godsend," as well as some video interviews with cast members and show creator Tim Kring.

Meanwhile, Herosite reports that the show's online footprint is gonna get bigger with new interactive online content, including special websites featuring secret files, special commentaries, and much more. They also have the official network description for the February 5th episode, "Distractions."

Also, Sci Fi Wire claims we'll see much more of actor Greg Grunberg's mind-reading cop character in upcoming episodes.


The rumor over at Flick Direct is that "Blade" actress Jill Wagner is actually talking to people involved with the production about getting herself a golden lasso. "I met with the guys over at Silver pictures about some things and 'Wonder Woman' was one of them," said Wagner. Another starlet that supposedly met about the role was "One Tree Hill" star Sophia Bush (or so says Moviehole.


No, not the bane of Beowulf, the stylish Matt Wagner property. An article at IESB claims that Hunter Rose may slink his way into cineplexes after all, with a writer hired and an ambitious plan to be in theatres by 2008.


According to the Anime News Network, Animation company Production I.G has received permission from Kodansha to act as an agent to develop a live-action film with a Hollywood studio based on "Ghost in the Shell."


... and now, over to the Doctor: actor Julian McMahon talked to the Daily Bulletin about a Latverian comeback. "Two years have passed for Doom, trapped in this casket," McMahon said. "Needless to say, he's not happy. Doom hasn't changed he still wants to rule the world and kill the Fantastic Four. He's a simple man, really. The great thing is, we don't have to waste any time establishing his character. You get the bad guy from the beginning. It's great demonic, cartoony stuff."

Meanwhile, the once and future Surfer Doug Jones told the Windsor Star some spoilers and some tidbits. "I'm interacting with the Fantastic Four quite a bit -- mostly with Jessica Alba, as Sue Storm," Jones said. "We have a three-page scene that's actually sweet and touching, when she's trying to get through to him." Jones also talked about the murderous make up preparations for "Hellboy 2."

Finally, a Total Film magazine article featuring director Tim Story and actor Ioan Gruffudd is quoted extensively at F4 Movies, with spoilers as well.


Tons of news from Kansas today, including an interview with producer Al Gough, fresh spoilers and the word straight from Mars courtesy of a chat with actor Phil Morris, all courtesy of Kryptonsite.

Down but not out, Kryptonsite's competitors at Devoted to Smallville posted the first art from the upcoming phones-only animated series, "The Oliver Queen Chronicles." Finally, the network has posted a behind-the-scenes video from last week's episode "Justice" at the web site of one of their affiliates in New Mexico.


The man behind the metal, voice actor Marc Worden is once again interviewed at Fanboy Planet -- thanks to Derek McCaw for the link.


Also here at CBR, we've got the tenth video journal from the Frank Miller adaptation, looking at actor Rodrigo Santoro, who plays the Persian emperor Xerxes.


New stills from the production? No problem.


The Hollywood Reporter has an article about how the studio plans to transform the toy line into a cinematic franchise. "We really recognize the fact that for most people, 'Transformers' are a toy," said Paramount Pictures International executive vp international marketing Jon Anderson. "Our job is to change that perception."

Meanwhile, actor Shia Lebeouf was interviewed by Total Film magazine, and the results have been reposted on producer Don Murphy's message boards. "The Transformers can take any metal -- your BBQ, your fax machine -- and turn it into a fighting machine," Lebeouf said. "The movie takes place in a matter of hours, but it's on the run the whole time. It's a 50-50 thing between CG and reality. When I saw Bumblebee built and standing, it's mind-boggling. It's like standing next to a moving building ... Optimus Prime and Megatron are machines with faces, emotions. There's 150 components just to make the mouth smile. It's nuts!"


Slow down -- this ain't no Iron Lad and Hulkling. According to AWN Craig Kyle, Vice President of creative development for animation at Marvel Studios said a new direct-to-DVD feature will be targeted for younger audiences and not be based on the "Young Avengers" series.


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