Spider-Man 3/4/5/6, Superman, Fantastic Four, Hellboy 2: May 4th Comic Reel Wrap

SPIDER-MAN 3, 4, 5, 6

Director Sam Raimi talked to Sci Fi Wire, and said there's plenty more webs to spin. "I've heard Amy Pascal [chairman of Sony's motion picture group] say she wants to make six 'Spider-Man' pictures," Raimi said. "So I think she's a woman of her word. And if she says there'll be six, there'll be six. ... If they were to ask me, and if I felt as passionate as I feel now about the character and had this great hunger and desire to tell the story, which I really do now, you couldn't keep me away from it."


According to the Herald Sun, actress Kate Bosworth slammed her foot in a door and "fronted up to a Darlinghurst medical centre on Sunday with what was first suspected to be a broken foot." In actuality, the paper reports, it's a bad blister. Seriously!


Latino Review talked to special effects guru Mike Elizalde about creating the Dr. Doom and Thing costumes for the Marvel adaptation. It also shows off two new photos, including a close up of the good doctor and an action shot of clobberin' time. He also mentioned his company Spectral Motion is working on the next "X-Men" sequel.


Ron Perlman updated Twitch Film about another adventure for Mike Mignola's paranormal investigator. "Guillermo [Del Toro] just finished the script and has handed it in to the studios," Perlman said. "Now we have to wait for their response. He's shooting a film in Spain as we speak and as soon as he finishes that he'll got straight into preproduction of 'Hellboy 2.' We should be shooting this time next year."


Sci Fi Wire talked to both Marvel's Avi Arad and Fox Film's Tim Rothman, who both said that Norrin Radd will be flying to multiplexes after "FF" and "X-Men 3." "I think the tricky thing on Silver Surfer, which hasn't been resolved yet, is the nature of the Surfer and to what extent digital work is used and to what extent it isn't," Rothman said.


Kryptonsite has more snapshot from Clark Kent's graduation, while actress Allison Mack lets slip some spoilers in the second installment of an interview with Alison Mack online.


Actor Vinnie Jones has confirmed to both Leeds United and his own website that he's signed on to play Cain Marko, The Juggernaut in the next mutant-themed sequel.


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