Spider-Man 3, Watchmen, X-Men 3, Y: The Last Man: March 22nd Comic Reel Wrap


According to the Hollywood Reporter, "Thomas Haden Church, who was nominated for an Academy Award for best supporting actor in 'Sideways,' has been cast as Spidey's new archenemy in the next chapter of the 'Spider-Man' franchise. The filmmakers are not revealing the identity of the new villain."


CHUD has posted the second part of their lengthy interview with director Paul Greengrass. "I think that what's absolutely essential in telling the story of 'Watchmen' that you protect as it were the three generations. I say that loosely, I don't mean it literally. But it does seem to me that there is the group of characters in the Minutemen, who rose and fell. Within that group you have Sally and the Comedian. Then you have really three characters who emerge at a later stage: Rorschach, Manhattan and Adrian. And then you have Dan and Laurie who are a bit younger, almost children of the Minutemen. They are a little younger again than Rorschach, Manhattan and Adrian. That's the thing we need to preserve in our casting, that understanding you have of the relationship between those three generations -- they're not strictly generations, but I think you see what I'm talking about. The second thing that's really important is that when you sit inside that world our ensemble of caped crusaders, that you understand that these are human characters, flawed characters. That they're not superheroes -- or that only one of them technically really is, Manhattan. It's that concept that you have a human drama that involves this cast of characters and that you understand where they've come from. That this is not just some casual thing that they do, they do it because they're compelled."


Variety reports (subscription required) that "20th Century Fox and Marvel Entertainment have tapped Brit filmmaker Matthew Vaughn ('Layer Cake') to helm the second sequel to the beefy franchise. Filming's skedded to start in early summer with many of the cast from the first two films expected to reprise their roles."

Meanwhile, XMenFilms.net has a scooper's rumormongering on cast: "Gambit and Beast we can confirm. Not sure about Angel. Hugh, Famke, Ian, and Patrick are back as of today. This is in addition to the actors already optioned for 'X3.' Anna, Halle, and James are NOT signed yet, though by the end of the week, they should know what will happen with Anna Paquin. Looks like besides Phoenix, the SENTINELS are in, including a character called Dr. Bolivar Trask."


Variety also reports (subscription still required) that New Line Cinema has taken up an option on the Brian Vaughan-penned Vertigo property, and that David Goyer may be on hand to pen the script for production company Benderspink.


Superhero Hype has a possible spoiler from actress Jessica Alba, talking about Sue Storm's powers in the upcoming Tim Story-helmed Marvel adaptation.


Director Bryan Singer has posted two new video blogs (QuickTime only) about what he's up to, down under.


Tarantino fans will have to wait -- director Robert Rodriguez told Sci Fi Wire that he'll be adding behind-the-scenes footage of the "Pulp Fiction" auteur working on the movie. Tarantino came in to direct a surreal segment of the movie, in which Clive Owen's Dwight talks with the corpse of his nemesis, the bad cop Jackie Boy, played by Benicio Del Toro. "I kept the camera rolling, so I've got a lot of that footage," Rodriguez said. "In fact, there was one 16-minute take where I just kept rolling from the position of the real camera. ... So you get to see [the] process. You get to see Quentin come into frame and give y'all direction, and you're like, 'Oh, ... yeah, we'll just improvise this.' And you guys were just going off. It was just brilliant. People are going to learn a lot by seeing that. I'm going to put that on the DVD. It's just an uninterrupted 16 minutes, and you see pieces that we use, and you see a lot of in-between stuff, and Quentin coming [in, saying,] 'No, I think it should be like this.' And he's on camera. ... It's exciting to see you guys be that creative on the spot, and we're rolling and not cutting. And you hear the camera guy [and] the assistant director going, 'Uh, we are still rolling.' And you hear the sound guy going, 'Uh, we have to change the battery.' We have a whole hour ... [of] you guys being creative. It's really cool."


IESB caught director Joss Whedon for a little one-on-one about Themyscria's Finest, and posted the video interview (Windows Media only) for your review. Whedon also notes he was in the running to direct "X-Men 3," but just couldn't make time for it.


Kryptonsite has fresh spoilers about the season finale's title.


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