"Spider-Man 3" VG Subterranean Featurette

Last month, CBR News brought you a first look and report on the upcoming "Spider-Man 3" video game, coming from Activision. The game closely follows the action to be seen in the upcoming film, so certain story details are kept a close secret, but slowly throughout the year you can expect to see more revealed about the game.

Today, Activision released a video featurette focusing on the subterranean environment found in the game. That's right, in addition to Spidey swinging around an expansive Manhattan skyline, there are more than 20 miles of subways and sewer systems for our favorite web slinger to explore. This video gives you a look at that underground New York, where it's dark, murky and a wee bit spooky. Simply click the image below to launch the three minute video.

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