Spider-Man 3, Underdog, Superman Returns, X-Men 3: April 26th Comic Reel Wrap


The web is abuzz with reports from Cleveland about the filming there. Comic Book Movie is first up with photos of a stunt man in costume being dragged behind a truck, with an extensive set report. A lot of their details are echoed in set reports over at Superhero Hype, which also includes a photo of a stuntman stand-in for Sandman (alliteration is cool) amidst a set of fresh photos. Dark Horizons has the day's last set report with more photos.

Meanwhile, Superhero Hype also has a list of trivia and Easter eggs that you'll be able to see in the film, amd Computer Graphics World has an article about new 3D scanning technology used in the film.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, "My Name Is Earl" star Jason Lee is lending his voice for the title character. Peter Dinklage has been cast as antagonist Simon Barsinister.


Time Magazine includes the Bryan Singer-helmed DC adaptation in a feature on summer blockbuster movies, and Superhero Hype snagged a scan of Brandon Routh in mid-air from that aforementioned article.


IGN's FilmForce has an exclusive look at the refitted and remixed X-Jet from the mutant minded movie, with some quotes from director Brett Ratner on the subject.


Kryptonsite is back with an image gallery from the season finale "Vessel." Their archenemies at Devoted to Smallville have a clip (Windows Media only) of actress Annette O'Toole on the "Tony Danza Show," and point us to a combo clip with a new scene at WB58 as well as a new clip at City TV (RealMedia only). Finally, the network has posted a description of tomorrow's episode "Fade" with some images.


Kvin Bradsher pointed out photos of Monday's shooting with Michelle Pfeiffer and postings on Neil Gaiman's blog about the work. "They must be from today's shoot in the Fairy Glen," Gaiman wrote. "I can't work out whether they're from a set photographer or from someone sneaking around with a telephoto lens. That's from the scene where the Witch meets Ditchwater Sal, and they divide the hare and have an unfortunate incident with some Limbas Grass. And you can see the goats. (I was told that the goats are actually lady goats in drag, goat-merkins and all. This may be true, or it may just have been a film crew pulling the leg of a credulous writer...)"


Underneath more "Spider-Man 3" photos, Comics Continuum notes that "The CW has formally announced 'Legion of Super Heroes' and 'The Batman' for its upcoming Kids' WB! season, putting the shows back-to-back beginning at 11 a.m. in its Saturday morning lineup." They also show photos of the new Robin who will be a part of the show.


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