Spider-Man 3, Ultra, Transformers, Superman Returns: May 29th Comic Reel Wrap


Ol' Web Head swung into Gotham this Memorial Day weekend, which led to tons of scooper reports. In a thread at the Countingdown.com message boards there's a photo of a blond-haired Topher Grace taking a pic with a telephoto lens, as well as multiple set reports at Superhero Hype (many with photos).


EXCLUSIVE: The Comic Reel traded emails with Jonathan Luna about the proposed pilot, but he had precious little to report. "Unfortunately, the 'Ultra' pilot wasn't ordered for series this fall," he wrote. "We can't say whether it's permanently dead or not. And we don't know if CBS will release anything. I wish we had more for you."


Director Michael Bay has updated his his blog with some news about the film's progress. "We finished our first week. One of the best first weeks on a movie I've ever experienced. We shot over 250 set ups. I'm working on the military aspects of the film right now in New Mexico at Hollaman Air Force base and the Army's White Sands missile base. The military has been stellar with us. This is the largest military cooperation since 'Pearl Harbor' and 'Black Hawk Down.' Friday we shot two CV-22's (Ospreys). They fly like aliens dropping out of the sky. We also shot stealth fighters and low attack missile runs (50 feet off the deck) A10 Warthogs. They look so deadly and mean. We also shot in an army tank grave yard, that has more tanks in it then all of Iraq. The military cast Josh and Tyrese are surrounded with top notch Seal Team members. I almost dropped from heat stroke on Wednesday in the 118 degree heat. Several crew went down in the heat on these dunes. It is amazing how quickly it can come on -- I now see how some of those football players drop dead from heat stroke."

The Alamogordo Daily News also is keeping tabs on the production, showing some of the set construction work being done in an article they posted.


The trailer showing with "X-Men 3" can be downloaded as a Windows Media file from Rapidshare or in a very distorted version over at YouTube. Superhero Hype has the track listing for John Ottman's score which could be used to guess at some of the film's thematic turns, while the Superman Homepage has an exclusive interview with actor Brandon Routh, answering questions posed directly from fans. They also talked to effects supervisor Neil Corbould, who said, "'Superman: The Movie' was the first movie that I worked on and then to get the chance to supervise 'Superman Returns' was an absolute honor. Especially with the technology that is available today with both physical and visual effects; the sky was the limit, pardon the pun ... CG humans are down to Mark Stetson and his team but what we wanted to do was to use as many different ways of flying Superman as possible. Mark would always say if it looks better doing it for real then that is the way it should be done. RA Rondell rigged up some stunning wire rigs; we had men dressed in green suits to puppeteer the cape flapping in the wind. We had Superman on a box and on a turn table ... so many different systems. It is always good to keep the audience guessing as to how we did it. We also rigged up a Mustang car on a hydraulic rig that was then hung underneath a crane, when we reproduced the first edition cover (Action Comics #1) which again was part CG and part practical."


Marvel has posted new photos of the Spirit of Vengeance from the film.


We got an email from "Jett" Ramey from Batman-On-FIlm, who noted that they have quotes from actor Lachy Hulme, who spoke a bit about the sequel on Australian radio. "Hulme said that he had met with the producers but said he wasn't really allowed to talk about it. He also said that he was a huge Batman fan and had been all of his life, and was now collecting Batman stuff because it was tax deductible for him now!"


Comics Continuum has new photos of actor Neil Jackson in character as vampire Marcus Van Sciver. The network describes the character as follows: "Marcus is a charismatic, dapper, sexy, aristocratic vampire with pale skin, piercing eyes and an unquenchable thirst for power -- and blood. A wealthy developer and a pillar of the community, Marcus easily moves among the city's elite, but his real power stems from his ties to the age-old House of Chthon, venerable vampire rulers which he heads up."


Superhero Hype caught some quotes from Marvel's movie mogul Avi Arad in Empire magazine, where he gave some hints as to what we would and wouldn't see in the sequel. "It's a couple of years later and we get to see what their life is like," Arad said. "What else is there for them to accomplish, what issues are in their lives, where's Doom?" When asked about Galactus, Arad said, "They'll be some pretty big surprises. What we're trying to do is not to show him, but to show someone else, initially." This reinforces future rumors of Silver Surfer development in the production.


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