Spider-Man 3, Transformers, Stardust, Fantastic Four: July 5th Comic Reel Wrap


There are days when we report that we have a spoiler -- a plot element, a character's behavior, or what have you. Then again, there are days with spoilers like this one at WireImage.com, a spoiler so grandiose and staggering in scope that it changes the way the entire work is perceived. Consider yourself warned.


Director Michael Bay made some clarifications on his blog about the teaser trailer. He wrote, "BTW, for those of you asking: 1- None of the Mars story, launch footage, and rover footage is going to be in the movie. 2.- Yes, Bay did shoot the rover footage." Meanwhile, design company Imaginary Forces talked to VFXTalk about the title reveal. The teaser marks the first branding effort for the film," said IF Art Director Sean Koriakin, who was also Imaginary Forces' Lead Animator and Designer. "We knew there would be limited footage available and only a glimpse of a robot so it was important that we define this new world and aesthetic in the title reveal. The title is a detailed piece of architecture that is intricate, logical and clearly articulated. There are many elements and panels that fit into each other perfectly like a giant jigsaw puzzle. We spent a lot of time working on textures and creating the shapes of the parts -- with interiors that were anatomical and derived from a human muscle form. In keeping with the film's portrayal of the Transformers, we had to make the title appear as realistic as possible."


Faithful reader Kevin Bradsher wrote in to point out this set report on creator Neil Gaiman's blog. "Wandered over to the Inn on the Mountain Pass and saw Jason Flemyng, playing Lord Primus, in the bath, practicing getting his throat cut. 'I need the blood to pump out,' said director Matthew Vaughn, and people ran around trying to figure out how to get the blood to pump and spurt properly."


In big screen terms, Moviehole talked to director Tim Story who shot down any rumors about Vin Diesel playing Norrin Radd. "No truth to it." Story said. "The Surfer will be a new CGI design being developed especially for the movie. It's going to be incredible."

On the small screen side, Comics Continuum has a new image from the upcoming animated series.


Here at CBR, we're staying on top of the box office fortunes of the Man of Steel, seeing that "industry estimates put Monday's returns at $13 million and Tuesday's returns at $8.5 million, bringing the film's estimated gross to $106 million after just seven days in release."


According to Newsarama, creator J. Michael Stracynzki, said that David Goyer is penning a script for the Odinson. There's no telling whether Goyer is rewriting Mark Protosevich's script or starting from scratch.


Speaking of Marvel movies, screenwriter Zak Penn is quoted at The XVerse, talking about what he would want for a new project. He said that he "hated super poodles and the idea that Bruce was 'born' mutated, rather than the classic, repressed, monster inside of him Banner that I grew up on. Dad story was bad. Fight with tanks good. CG good, but should have been combined with animatronics in my opinion. Split screens were a nice idea but distracting ... Incidentally, this will NOT be straight to DVD, or even a cheap movie. Marvel is dropping a lot of money on this and I think it has a chance to be better than the first or I wouldn't be involved."


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