Spider-Man 3, Transformers, Smallville, TMNT: March 7th Comic Reel Wrap


Ain't It Cool News has some great production art from the web-spinning sequel, including sketches and special effects shots.

The official movie blog has been updated with a video tour of the trailers on the set.

Finally, actor Tobey Maguire was interviewed by IF Magazine where he backs away from earlier comments about being done. "First of all, if I donÕt want to do more movies, I donÕt have to do anymore movies," Maguire said. "So thatÕs up to me, which wasnÕt necessarily up to me before this film, because I was contracted to three of them. IÕve had a great time doing them, IÕve enjoyed it and IÕm glad IÕve done all three movies. We may make more of them or a fourth one, if thereÕs a story worth telling and a right team of actors and Sam is on board, then I would consider doing a fourth one." Sounds like somebody's gonna play hard ball come contract negotiation time.


If you use the password NBETWO, you can access a new sub-story for the film at Sector Seven, thanks to a note from the message boards at Seibertron.com.

Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura talked to Latino Review and said that the only actual hire for voice talent is Peter Cullen and that they haven't made a decision on other roles such as Megatron. He also had some interesting comments on how to make "G.I. Joe" work in an international marketplace.


Former guest star Rob Labelle, who played Dr. Walden in season two, gets the audio interview treatment at Pluggd, where he talks about how his character affected Clark's past, and possibly his future.

Of course, today's Ask Ausiello column has more spoilers dipped in between news items on "Law & Order: SVU" and "Lost."


Director Kevin Monroe gives some plot spoilers to Superhero Hype along with an interesting story about how he got the gig. "When I went to meet with the co-creators of the Turtles, I brought issue one because I figured, worst case, I'll get my first issue signed if I don't get the job," Monroe said. "He handed me back the book at the end and driving back to the airport I open it up and there was a picture of Raf and the note 'Dear Kevin, make a good movie or else!' and that's how I found out I got the job."

IGN also has the final one-sheet poster for the movie, and Monroe was caught in a video interview with IGN.


Creator Mike Mignola is the subject of a video interview at IESB where he confirms that filming actually starts in June, not in May as previously was reported by the LA Daily News.


Actor Julian McMahon got left hanging, or so he told Sci Fi Wire. "I spent a month and a half doing that," McMahon said. "That was intense. The last month and a half of me shooting that was me in this outfit, which weighed, I think, between 40 and 60 pounds, depending on what cape I had on, which is a lot of weight to carry around. I was up on this [rig] about 50 or 60 feet high, with ..." Woops, almost let a spoiler slip there. Click the link to find out for yourself.


Speaking of Sci Fi Wire, they have some quotes from co-creator Jimmy Palmiotti, who said he's happy with actress Kristianna Loken in the role. "Being a creator, watching her do it, watching her act out the character, she's got the attitude," Palmiotti said. "The way she walks, the way she moves, the way she deals with stuff. And that's all I care about, really. The comic stands alone, and the TV show will stand alone, but she managed to bring that [attitude] into the show, and it's awesome for somebody like me."


Mmm, more video interviews. Actress Lena Headey is interviewed by both Superhero Hype and IGN, who also talked to actor Gerard Butler and director Zack Snyder.


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