Spider-Man 3, Transformers, Smallville, Blade: June 27th Comic Reel Wrap


Sneak Peek allegedly has two new teaser posters showing that somebody's gonna be tossing pumpkin bombs in this sequel. Plus if you understand any of this, you can check out the new teaser trailer that will be attached to prints of "Superman Returns" without braving a theatre to do so.


Reader "Orion Prime" pointed out that Ain't It Cool News has a huge image showing what they claim is a partially transformed Bumblebee.


According to our pals at Kryptonsite, another DCU character will meet Clark Kent in the hit series.


There's a new interview with actor Kirk Jones at BlackFilm where the former rapper said, "I do at least 95% of my stunts. The guys are mad at me. They come on the set, put on the clothes, put on the tattoos and sometimes they sit around and don't even do anything. Not to take anything away from my stunt guys because they are incredible. As a matter of fact, just recently, one of the guys had to jump from a three-story building and I wasn't going to do it and outside of that, the insurance wouldnÕt let me do that. They do stuff like that, but when it comes to the fighting and physical, I've been physical all my life. I'm just a physical person."


Ain't It Cool News also has a possibly spoiler-ish conversation with composer John Ottman. Meanwhile, IGN has two video interviews with actresses Kate Bosworth and Parker Posey.


Not quite -- Yahoo! News is reporting that actors Thomas Jane and Patricia Arquette got married in Italy over the weekend.


Finally, IGN's FilmForce has actor Robin Williams talking about what he wants to do if he gets a shot to be the Joker, while praising other comic projects as well.


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