Spider-Man 3, Tonight He Comes, The Darkness, Batman Begins 2: December 1st Comic Reel Wrap


Looks like somebody just hit the jackpot again, tiger -- a note on her website states that actress Christina Cindrich has been signed for an undisclosed role in the web-spinning sequel.


According to Variety (subscription required), Will Smith and director Jonathan Mostow have committed to the superhero-themed story and along with Columbia Pictures is eyeing a production start in Los Angeles by next summer.


Apparently Top Cow was feeling the Pangs -- Variety also reports that the filmmakers behind "Bangkok Dangerous" and "The Eye" will adapt the property under either Miramax's or Dimension's banner.


The Financial Director is reporting that Hollywood film studios are being scared off from filming in the U.K. due to new film tax credit policy. Why should any of you care? Well, such a move could mean some changes for the follow up to the hit Christian Bale-fueled film. "Officials have also expressed worries that the sequel to Batman Begins, the first of which was filmed in the U.K., will go abroad," the publication said. This is happening despite the fact that, as of press time, the pre-constructed sets at Cardington Hangars still stand.


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