Spider-Man 3, The Sadhu, The Dark Knight, Heroes: October 14th Comic Reel Wrap


Snatched off of YouTube! Banned from websites everywhere! But CBR has a first look at Venom from the web-spinning sequel, cribbed from a leaked trailer that ran amok on the web yesterday.


According to variety, "Virgin Comics, the publishing company bankrolled by Richard Branson, is adapting 'The Sadhu' for the bigscreen as a starring vehicle for Nicolas Cage. The script will be written by spiritual author and Virgin Comics co-founder Deepak Chopra."


Director Christopher Nolan was interviewed by The Irish Times, and just what secrets of the sequel did he reveal? Bupkis. "I think we live in an age where there is too much information about the process of making a film out there too early," Nolan said. "When you are constructing a film it is a little like a magician creating a trick. Everything must be finished and ready to present to the audience before they see anything. Nobody takes novelists to task for not reading out chapters of their books in advance. It's a visual medium. You are spoiling the experience by showing too much too soon."


Also here at CBR, we've got an in-depth examination of the eight episode, broken down by two members of the "Heroes" writing staff, Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite.


Crave Online has an interview with Marvel Animation's VP Craig Kyle, who talked about the two-dimensional adventures of Tony Starkm saying "Demon in a Bottle" may get the animated treatment since it wouldn't fit in the Downey-led feature film.


Before we ever get one frame of film, director Zack Snyder told IGN that there won't be any chance of a sequel for the Alan Moore adaptation. "I will tell you that the draft of the script is long," Snyder said. "It's so long in fact that when we turned it in, we turned 'The Black Freighter' stuff in as a separate script so as not to scare them too much. We were like, 'Here's your script. Oh, here's your other script!' They were like, 'Oh, great!'"


Producer Ralph Winter gave F4Movies an update on what's happening on the production. "We will finish principal photography well before Christmas, now in our final weeks," Winter said. "Everyone is in good spirits as we begin filming the 3rd act of the movie. Our editors have cut right up to camera, so we are in excellent shape, just finishing our visual effects shots for an upcoming theatrical trailer," which could be in theatres as early as next month.


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