Spider-Man 3, Superman Returns, Fantastic Four, Smallville: November 15th Comic Reel Wrap


Ain't It Cool News has a brief report on second unit shooting in Los Angeles, while there's photos and more fan reactions over at the Superhero Hype message boards.


JoBlo.com does some rumor control, alleging that the trailer for the Brandon Routh-fueled DC adaptation will not be attached to all viewings of "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" as previously believed, but will be online by Thursday night. They allege "that the teaser will have a runtime of one minute and 33 seconds."


Can't get enough Stan Lee? According to Sci Fi Wire, the DVD release of the film contains an expanded version of his cameo appearance, some of which was improvised. "My line was simply, 'Welcome back to the Baxter, Dr. Richards,'" Lee said. "But I knew I wanted more screen time, and, as you know, when they do these scenes, they shoot them like 20 times with different angles. So the next time I said, 'Welcome back to the Baxter, Dr. Richards. We missed you.' Then he asked me back, 'How have you been?' And each time it was a bit longer. And he added, 'Good to see you Lumpy, how are you?' And by the sixth or seventh take we engaged in a whole long dialogue. The whole place cracked up, because we kept adding on to it more and more. People thought it was the funniest thing. The whole crew applauded, because we created a whole conversation." Some, but not all, of the ad-libbed scene makes it onto the DVD, which is scheduled for a Dec. 2 release.


The network has released a new trailer for this week's episode in glorious QuickTime, while Kryptonsite has a new rumor that a certain former vampire may be sticking around for a lot more than was expected.


Producer Michael Uslan talked about more of his new projects in part four of an interview he did with Batman-On-Film, saying, "Here I am working with characters I loved as a kid, that I cared about -- and do care about. And in some cases, I knew and was close to the creators. I was close to Otto Binder when I was a kid -- who was the primary writer for 'Captain Marvel' [for quite a while]. This is exciting stuff for me and very important to me. And I wake up every rainy Monday morning and I can't wait to get to work. And that's cool. I've taken my passion in life and my love for comic books and made it my life's work."


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