Spider-Man 3, Superman Returns 2, I Am Legion: July 17th Comic Reel Wraps


Actor J.K. Simmons talked to TV Guide about getting his flat-top and cigar back for the sequel. "I think [this film] pulls in a lot of interesting directions," Simmons said. Of course we're a long ways from seeing a final version of it, but my stuff, we had a lot of fun doing. I probably had not as much to do as I did in the second one and maybe a little more than I had in the first one, but from what I saw the new bad-guy stuff is once again going to top its predecessor. Hopefully there are plenty of cards to play for [Parts] 4, 5, 6.... I'll do a 'Spider-Man' for every two or three years for the next couple decades if they want. That'd be all right! In fact, the last couple of days I shot was at the very end of the schedule -- we were doing some night-action scenes in New York -- and [director] Sam [Raimi] was talking about it. It's not a done deal because everybody's deals, including Sam Raimi's and all the actors', was for three pictures. But he's certainly open to doing more."


Cinescape has an interesting rumor floating in from across the pond. Apparently, director Bryan Singer was at the UK premiere of the Routh-fueled blockbuster, and brought up his writing partners. One of them walked up to the mike and brought attention to what was written on the T-shirt he was wearing -- "Kneel before Zod." A "general" idea of what's planned for a sequel?

Meanwhile, Box Office Mojo lists the tally for the film at $163,648,000, compared to $231,802,193 for "X-Men 3" since its May 26th opening.


Not specifically comic book related, but the team at CBR is all over the long-awaited Kevin Smith sequel, with interviews of actor Trevor Fehrman, actress Rosario Dawson, longtime Smith compatriot Jason Mewes and the title characters themselves in the persons of actors Brian O'Halloran and Jeff Anderson.


We got an email from Humanoids Publishing's Francis Lombard, pointing out an article (subscription required) in the Hollywood Reporter stating, "Pierre Spengler, one of the original producers of "Superman," is returning to comic-book adaptations with a 12-picture slate drawn from titles in the catalog of French graphic novel publisher Humanoides Associes. The first to go into production will be the live-action film 'I Am Legion,' adapted from the World War II political intrigue penned by Fabien Nury and illustrated by top U.S. graphic artist John Cassaday."


According to IGN's FilmForce, the latest shell-shocked adventure for Eastman and Laird's creations will be simply titled "TMNT." The film is currently in production at the hands of Kevin Monroe, a joint venture between Warner Brothers (who will handle domestic distribution) and The Weinstein Company (which will handle overseas).


Superhero Hype has a casting rumor about the sequel from an Australian scooper who wrote, "Eric Bana [is] filming a movie ['Romulus, My Father'] here in Victoria here at the moment ... Having heard all this nonsense about 'The Hulk' I thought I would ask him if he's coming back or not. He gave me an answer which makes me think he might return. He said it depends on a lot of things, like the script, the timing and whether they want him. But he'd be happy to, and he's looking to talk about 'that one real soon.' I asked whether Jennifer Connelly is coming back, he said he doesn't 'no mate, but I don't think so.'"


Producer Jason Netter was interviewed by Comics Continuum about the new Mignola-minded animated series. "Currently, we have delivered the pilot and written three additional scripts," he said. "The plan is to see how the buzz is on the web site airings as well as the ratings when the pilot launches July 27 and hopefully we will get a pick-up to go to series."


Speaking of Comics Continuum, they have an update on this week's episode, "Bloodlines," including sixteen photos from the show. The network description reads, "Blade pays a visit to suspicious gynecologist Dr. Vonner, who shoots himself upon Blade's arrival. Reverend Carlyle sets Blade up to get captured by the Bad Bloods, disenfranchised vampires Blade first turned and who were once his childhood friends. Chase takes Krista to the House of Leichen for a blood ritual that will help them track Boone. The Bad Bloods kill Carlyle and offer up Blade to Marcus in exchange for a seat in the House of Chthon."


Actor Aaron Ashmore (twin brother of "X3" actor Shawn Ashmore) talked to Entertainment Weekly about his new role on the series, and Kryptonsite was kind enough to repost the comment in its entirety.

Meanwhile, present and past USC film students can check out a special roundtable event at the university where creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar will be joined by supervising producers Brian Peterson, Todd Slavkin, and Kelly Souders at a special Panel Q&A about the show.


If you happen to be at this tiny little genre get-together called Comic-Con International on Saturday, Marvel sez you can catch an exclusive poster for the film signed by director Jon Favreau, as well as a screenplay character designer and "Iron Man" comic book cover artist Adi Granov.


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