Spider-Man 3, Super Ex Girlfriend, Superman Returns, Ultimate Avengers: November 8th Comic Reel Wrap


Comics creator Peter David spoke to fans and media at Wizard World Texas, according to Comics Continuum, and noted that he'll be penning the novelization for the third web-spinning sequel. "It makes for a nice set, since I wrote the novelizations for Spider-Man 1 and 2," David said.


She kicked butt with a sword, now she's got super powers. There's new photos of Uma Thurman in costume for her role in the romantic comedy here and here. Mmm, Super Uma ...


According to the Newcastle Herald, the production will roll into their town in a couple of weeks. "THE heart of Newcastle will be shut for a week this month and transformed into downtown Metropolis when scenes are filmed for the $400 million Hollywood movie 'Superman Returns.' Warner Bros has confirmed it will begin filming on the blockbuster sequel in Newcastle in a fortnight. While much of the filming will take place at the Art Deco University House (formerly Nesca House) in King Street, City Hall and Civic Park will also be part of the backdrop for the Man of Steel's latest adventure." Numbers listed are probably in Australian dollars. Probably.

Meanwhile, there's some spoilers over at the Superman Homepage, including photos and a video clip.

Finally, JoBlo is reporting that "the teaser trailer for 'SUPERMAN RETURNS' will be attached to all prints of 'POTTER.' I can also reveal that the teaser will have a runtime of one minute and 33 seconds."


Comics Continuum has more coverage from Wizard World Texas, from producer/director Bob Richardson. Apparently, there will be four major battle scenes in the film. "Which is a lot to put in a 70-minute movie," Richardson said. "We wanted a nice through-line and build it in a certain way, so construction of it has a nice pace to it. Ultimately, with time on screen for the characters, you have to pick and choose. The thing you don't want to do is have so many characters that you can't cultivate them in a nice way."


It's about to get crazy in Kansas, and the WB has released a spoilerish video preview of this week's episode "Splinter."


Ain't It Cool News is reporting that he new "Blade" is Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones, currently seen in the FX series "Over There." "It came down to the wire between him and another well known action star," their source said.


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