Spider-Man 3, Speed Racer, Whiteout, Transformers: March 15th Comic Reel Wrap


How did Venom get here? A new photo at Comic Book Movie claims to have the answer, with a meteor landing near Peter Parker's scooter. Hm, what if it had landed, say, outside Tony Stark's house, or somewhere in Latveria? Just asking ...

Meanwhile, Film Ick is claiming that actor Jake Gyllenhaal is being torn between offers to take over the mantle of the Spider if Tobey Maguire bolts for a planned fourth web-spinning sequel and trying on a cape as Captain Marvel in New Line's "Shazam" project.


According to the Just Jared blog, "High School Musical" and "Hairspray" star Zac Efron is in talks to star in the title role. "Zac, 19, was even granted permission by Disney to leave the 'High School Musical 2' set for a day so that he could attend the 'Speed Racer' callback audition."


A story at Variety reports that Gabriel Macht will star opposite Kate Beckinsale in the Greg Rucka action-thriller, the first pic from Joel Silver's Warners-based Dark Castle Entertainment banner. Tom Skerritt and Columbus Short also will star.


Superhero Hype has some new production stills from the summer blockbuster.


Yahoo TV has three new video clips from next week's episode, "Combat," including a leather-clad Lois as well as Clark catching a beat down.

Meanwhile, the network's New Mexico affiliate has posted a behind the scenes video for the wedding ep "Promise."


In his post-game analysis of the success of "300," director Zack Snyder told us here at CBR a little about what's gonna happen in the Alan Moore adaptation.


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