Spider-Man 3, Smallville, Transformers, Luke Cage: July 25th Comic Reel Wrap


According to Development Hell, Thomas Haden Church will vex Peter Parker as none other than ... The Chameleon. Allegedly the character's real name will be Dmitri Smerdyakov (working as "Dr. Turner" at Peter's school), who will have a brother ready to wear animal skins and love hunting.

Meanwhile, right here at CBR, Larry Young has an unfounded theory about Topher Grace that's down right terrifying.


Here comes continuity -- according to our friends at Kryptonsite, young Clark Kent will find a future ally in Arthur Curry (the geeks know who that is) and lead actor Tom Welling himself dropped a ton of spoilers, including former vampire James Marsden playing a certain superintellgent supervillain. Of course they've got spoilers galore, and emailed us Friday afternoon to let us know.


Sneaking fuzzy, low quality footage out from Comicon? That's just wrong! We'd never support somebody doing such a thing (in Windows Media only)!

Anyhoo, Transformers Live has a QuickTime message from producer Steven Spielberg, who admits to his secret fetish for Robots in Disguise.


According to Latino Review, irector John Singleton wants rising star Terrence Howard ("Crash," "Hustle and Flow," "The Best Man") to play toothy comic-book villain Diamondback, in his forthcoming film take on Marvel's 70's comic-book series. He let this tidbit slip while talking about what actor/singer Tyrese would have to do to get the role. "I told him he ain't getting it unless he works out," Singleton said. "I was like 'you need to work out' to make sure you get it. Actually my dream team is to do it with Tyrese and Terence Howard will be the villain. Terence to play Diamondback with the snake eyes." The same page has producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura talking a little bit about "Transformers" and "G.I. Joe."


Superhero Hype has a new image gallery as well as a trailer and some clips from the Viggo Mortensen-fueled graphic novel adaptation.


You call yourselves well informed -- filming has already started on the third mutant-themed movie, and Superhero Hype has the skinny on it (mostly pictures from some shooting in San Francisco). Another one of their scoopers sent in dirt on the casting call held in Canada.


Speaking of trailers, you can see the cinematic version of Alan Moore's anarchic terrorist in glorious QuickTime. The film is set to open on the Fourth of November.


Dark Horizons has a look at the final, color design of the logo shield that will be shown on movie posters. Meanwhile, you can check out a car with a Metropolis license plate here with a little note about what the shutterbug saw.


Apparently, some savvy sapien caught a few seconds of footage from a TV show and posted a link in this message board thread. Smoke 'em while you got 'em! (UPDATED) The link had expired by 6AM PST.


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