Spider-Man 3, Smallville, Incredible Hulk, Transformers: April 16th Comic Reel Wrap


Umbrax wrote in to note a poster featuring the film's antagonists at The Braxcave.


Kryptonsite has the official network description for the May 3rd episode "Noir," while Slice of Sci Fi has some quotes from actor Michael Rosenbaum talking about the end of the series. "WeÕre finishing up our sixth year and next year is the last year," Rosenbaum said.

Superman Homepage has a new photo from "Progeny" (although it's just Lana in a hospital bed, which happens every other episode).

Most interesting of all is a possibly spoiler laden posting by E! Online's Kristin Veitch talking about the season finale.


We've got the latest news about Edward Norton being the new Bruce Banner right here at CBR.


There's lots of information about robots in disguise today, starting off with two Windows Media files showing test footage for TV spots, as well as an image of Prime's mouth, both from producer Don Murphy's message board.

Marc Kandel wrote in to point out a new YouTube video showing voice actors Peter Cullen and Frank Welker talking about voicing the video game. Ryan Hoffman wrote in to note this Techeblog posting with Cullen speaking in a promotional spot.

Finally, the TFW2005 board has new images of titanium toy figures of Blackout, Bumblebee and Optimus Prime.


The official website for Edwards Air Force Base has a photo of actor Terrence Howard in an F-16 simulator, preparing for his role as Jim Rhodes.

Meanwhile, actor Robert Downey is quoted at The Telegraph discussing his take on the role of Tony Stark. "He's a superhero who is just a man," says Downey. "Not that I wouldn't play a guy who got bit by a spider or who has some freaky connection with bats, but I think this is a little more accessible. I guess that when Stan Lee created the character back in the mid-1960s -- to see if he could base a superhero on a hard-partying, womanizing billionaire who manufactures weapons, and still make him likable enough to sell comic books -- he clearly won his bet. Tony Stark is someone who has the ability to be right at the forefront of science and we are finding out more and more nowadays that science and mythology are becoming somewhat interchangeable. Some of the things that seemed really far-fetched aren't any more."


Speaking of billionaire superheroes, there's some new updates on filming from Superhero Hype. Meanwhile, Batman-on-Film has a rumor about the Clown Prince of Crime. Their source said, "The Joker will have gray skin with lot's of scarring ... The Joker's costume will be raggedy (This may confirm the info BOF got a long while ago saying that his costume will look as if it was something he put together one piece at a time) ... He's going to look damn scary, not clownish."


There's a new image of the Fantasticar at this Chrysler website.


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