Spider-Man 3, Sin City, Green Hornet, More: March 19th Comic Reel Wrap


Kirsten Dunst told the Calgary Sun, "We'll probably shoot Spider-Man 3 during the first three months of 2005. I'm so grateful to Spider-Man because it gave me an international profile. She also said, Spider-Man 2 "is a much better film and I had even more fun making it, so I can hardly wait to begin work on Spider-Man 3."


According to the Hollywood Reporter, director Robert Rodriguez is headhunting for the best to star in the Frank Miller adaptation. "According to multiple sources, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bruce Willis, Elijah Wood, Mickey Rourke, Brittany Murphy, Kate Bosworth and Jaime King have been targeted for the Dimension Films project, an adaptation of Frank Miller's graphic novel series. Some of the actors have already signed on for parts, while others are only in discussions or have just received offers to join the cast. Other names being bandied about include Benicio Del Toro and Maria Bello, though offers had not yet gone out to either as of late Wednesday. Set to start shooting shortly, 'Sin City' will be composed of three intertwining vignettes revolving around a dark set of characters that call the fictional corrupt town home."


The Hollywood Reporter also notes that Kevin Smith is looking at "Donnie Darko's" Jake Gyllenhaal is being looked at as the future Britt Reid. "Other names may still be in the mix, but sources said Gyllenhaal appears to fit Smith's current conception of the character. If all works out, it would be Gyllenhaal's second brush with a superhero suit: He had been put on standby to step in as Peter Parker/Spider-Man last year when, for a brief time, it looked as if Tobey Maguire might be exiting the Sony franchise."


Comics Continuum has a breakdown of all the remaining episodes for the season. Warning: therein lie spoilers.


Ain't It Cool News has a spy report from someone who saw a four minute promo reel about the new Chris Nolan big screen adventure. The Batmobile is featured, and the spy said, "The only view we got was a production design drawing (god knows how much that'll change) and it looked very much like a cross between the 'armadillo' from 'Armageddon' (except a LOT more low to the ground - like a Lamborghini) and the angular black paneling of a stealth bomber. (I'm sorry that i'm unable to provide the illustration but i only saw this promo reel once!) The wheels (there were 4) were positioned with 2 side by side in front of the grill and two larger wheels at the back." Nolan is quoted in the piece as saying "The car chases will be very real and very much in the vein of 'The French Connection' and less in the studio bound style that we have come to expect."


Interested in a new trailer? Of course Apple Computer is happy to oblige you.


Moviehole interviewed effects wizard Patrick Tatopoulos, and he let slip an interesting tidbit near the end: "My best friend called me two days ago and said Superman is on. It's starting up again. He's the concept illustrator, the designer worked on The Matrix, he's Australian, from Sydney. I can't tell you much more than that, but yeah, it's going to be filming in Australia soon."


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