Spider-Man 3, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Sin City 2: July 12th Comic Reel Wrap


Actress Bryce Dallas Howard talked to Zap2It about feeling the pressure surrounding her role in the web-spinning sequel. "Not a pressure, but a responsibility and a joyful responsibility," she said. "It was so great for me to go through all of the comic books and read everything and brainstorm with everyone like, 'OK. How can we bring this woman to life in a way that will both be surprising and appropriate and will fulfill people's expectations?'"

Sci Fi Wire has quotes from the actress brushing against the subject of her character's romantic entanglements. "She was one of Peter Parker's first loves. In this film, it's a love triangle between Mary Jane [Kirsten Dunst], Peter Parker [Tobey Maguire] and herself. She's young and kind of sexy, but I don't want to give away too much."


IGN's FilmForce has an analysis of Uma Thurman's G-Girl character in the superhero comedy, describing powers, costumes and ... idiosyncrasies. Director Ivan Reitman said, "Her save-the-day feats have become old hat for her. She doesn't have the temperament to be a superhero, or for romance."


Speaking of IGN's FilmForce, they also spoke with leggy actress Rosario Dawson, who implied that the sequel was waiting for a Tomb Raider. When asked about a start date for the Frank Miller-driven sequel, Dawson said, "I don't know. I think, I'm doing Death Proof in August and September and I know that just finally, Angelina [Jolie] just finished having her baby ... I'm pretty sure [she's in it]. That's what we've basically been holding out on, because we were supposed to start that last year or earlier. I think he wanted to do that sooner rather than later, so that will probably be coming up soon ..."


The twin brother of a "frosty" actor will be joining the cast as another DCU name of note, and just as he did on a popular UPN series, he plans to get cuddled up with an adorable, sassy blonde. For more info on that, as well as details on next season's second episode, you'll have to check the spoilers page at Kryptonsite.


The official site has been updated with downloadable wallpapers showing your allegiance, and you can check out some videos of the filming at both XtraMSN and the US Air Force's official website.


Keeping it in the realm of heavy metal, if you dig down through the forums at Jon Favreau's MySpace forums, you'll see that he notes filming will begin in February 2007, with a proposed release date of May 2, 2008.


According to TMZ.com, a sequel is not guaranteed unless a whole lot more cash starts coming in, and that a sequel budget could come in at a paltry $150 million if such a project were greenlit.


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