Spider-Man 3, Lucky Luke, The Dark Knight, Smallville: March 29th Comic Reel Wrap


Actor Topher Grace talked to MTV about squaring off against Tobey Maguire. "You like Spider-Man," Grace said, "but isn't it about time that somebody kicked his ass? It was interesting, and it was hard. I had to do a lot of working out, which is very new to me ... I play a bad guy, so that was a very different experience for me, acting-wise."

Also cinematic sibling Ted Raimi is caught in this video blog at Marvel's website, talking about bringing humor to the sequel.


According to this French site, there's a new movie in the works based on the Francophone comic. Or maybe not -- it's hard to know, all the words are in French.


Will Buffy the Vampire Slayer join Bruce Wayne? There's a rumor to that fact floating around some fan sites indicating a trip to Gotham in the future of actress Sarah Michelle Gellar.


Once, you had to have a cell phone from a specific company to see the Oliver Queen Chronicles ... but now they're available on the network's website.


Actress Rosario Dawson is quoted at Sci Fi Wire talking wardrobe in the sequel. ""Luckily for me, or maybe not luckily for me, Frank really loved drawing that outfit, so he pretty much put Gail in all of his books," Dawson said. "I'm sitting down with [costume designer] Nina Proctor already. We're talking about what the hell I could possibly wear to trump what I already wore in the last one. So I'll be wearing a mask."


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