Spider-Man 3, Justice League, Luke Cage: The Comic Reel Wrap for January 10


A photo of the set for the new Sam Raimi-led production? They sure seem to think so over at the Superhero Hype message boards, where they have a shot from what some believe looks like the Universal Studios lot north of Hollywood (odd, since the Sony lots in Culver City could just as convincingly have been used)

Actor James Franco also spoke to If Magazine about the movie, saying, "We start this week. [We're shooting] mostly in L.A. At Sony [studio]. And then we always do exterior shots in New York here. It's about a five [month shoot] I think. That's pretty long actually -- longer than most movies. You have to do wire work and all of that stuff, but the experience of getting into character is the same. Yes, it's a comic book, but the people in 'Spider-Man' aren't acting like they're in a comic book. They're acting like they're in the real world. 'Tristan' is based on a legend, but we're not acting like we're in a fantasy land. We're acting like real people who live in that world. So that's the same thing."


According to Comics Continuum, Googy Gress is providing the voice of Bouncing Boy in "Far From Home," an upcoming episode of Cartoon Network's Justice League Unlimited that will feature Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes. Bouncing Boy will have one of the larger roles among the 20 or so Legion members featured in the episode, which was written by Paul Dini.


It's looking more like actor Tyrese Gibson will be the Hero for Hire, as he and Marvel's Avi Arad talked to MTV about the two-fisted Marvel adaptation. "I'm probably going to be benching about 415 pounds once I get into that mode," Gibson said. "They're just saying that 'Luke Cage was a real big and muscular guy, and we want to make sure that you appear to be that.'"


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