Spider-Man 3, Justice League, Fantastic Four, Krypto: March 3rd Comic Reel Wrap


According to a "mailbag" column at Moviehole, the villain who will face Peter Parker in the third web-spinning Marvel adaptation will be Venom.


Actor Jerry O'Connell apparently has it all. Comics Continuum reports that the former fat kid from "Stand By Me" is both dating recent divorcee and naked super-villainess Rebecca Romijn, but also has inherited the Power of Shazam, and will give voice to Captain Marvel in an upcoming episode of the hit Cartoon Network animated series. In addition to O'Connell, the episode features Shane Haboucha as the voice of Billy Batson. Haboucha, 14, did the voice of the young Superman in the "Kids' Stuff" episode in Justice League Unlimited and plays Charlie Hayes in The WB's "Everwood." "Everyone's going to love that episode; it's a great script," longtime storyboard artist Bret Blevins said. "I referenced all the versions of the comics and other media, too. It's all in there." The episode is titled "The Clash" and will include a scrap between Superman and Captain Marvel. It was written by J.M. DeMatteis and Dwayne McDuffie.


Superhero Hype has a summary and image gallery about the new Fantastic Four video game, revealing many of its cosmic ray-powered secrets.


The official site for the new animated series has been launched, with an episode guide, character bios, and a look at the show's title sequence. "Krypto" will bark his way into your hearts on April 4th at 9AM (ET/PT).


Devoted to Smallville has posted a behind-the-scenes clip (Windows Media only) shown on Extra.


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