Spider-Man 3, Hellboy 2, Transformers, Heroes: November 22nd Comic Reel Wrap


You can catch the new teaser posters at Superhero Hype.


Director Guillermo del Toro told Time Out that the sequel would start filming early next year. t will shoot in Hungary and the idea is to make a movie that is more fun, more loose and more spectacular than the original,' he said. "We all learned our lessons doing the first one and we want to put them to work on the second one. Mike Mignola and I have come up with the story and it's a little closer to the comic books than the first one was."


An article at the Charleston Post and Courier talks about giving the production some extra oomph. "Force Protection Industries Inc., which makes armored vehicles for the military, recently loaned one of its hulking tank-like Buffalo models to the makers of 'Transformers,' a live-action science-fiction film based on the popular 1980s cartoon and toy line. The 23-ton claw-equipped behemoth, now back in the company's plant across from Exchange Park on Highway 78, spent about two months on the set, said Force Protection spokeswoman Tommy Pruitt. The vehicle was cast in the film as a 'Decepticon' named Bonecrusher, as suggested by emblems that have been painted on its sides."


TV Guide's Ask Ausiello column has some spoilers about the show and what we can expect, including the source of Niki's powers.


Jon Favreau is back on MySpace soliciting fan ideas for casting.


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